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Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister slams Chris Rock for his OJ Simpson joke

The family of Nicole Brown Simpson is reportedly outraged by Rock’s tasteless joke
Nicole Brown Simpson's sister slams Chris Rock for his OJ Simpson joke
Chris Rock (Photo credit: Splash News)

On second thought, there are those out there who now say they see why Chris Rock got “the fire” smacked out of him by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars.

During a comedy performance in Phoenix, the New Jack City star said he was asked to host the 2023 Academy Awards, which he has already done twice.

Rock then told the crowd that he would not go back to the Academy Awards because it would be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson “to go back to the restaurant” where she left her eyeglasses before she was killed, the Arizona Republic reported. 

Tanya Brown, the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, took great umbrage at the fact that Rock would equate a slap with the brutal slaughter of her sister and friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

Brown told TMZ that Rock’s joke not only failed to be funny but it was extremely offensive, hurtful and gratuitous. Brown conveyed to the entertainment publication that there are family members who still get triggered whenever the killing is brought up.

She is not alone, there are others out there who claim they now understand why Smith marched onstage and delivered the smackdown heard around the world.

Of course, there are others who highlight the hypocrisy of White Americans who basically told Jada Pinkett Smith to get over it after her hair loss was mocked by Rock. Those folks say that it seemed to be OK for Rock to disrespect a Black female like Pinkett Smith but then find Rock contemptible when he makes fun of a White woman.

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