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716ers owner Hassan Shaheed plans to build generational wealth with food truck

The 716ers food truck specializes in Buffalo, New York-style cuisines
716ers owner Hassan Shaheed plans to build generational wealth with food truck
Hassan Shaheed

Hassan Shaheed is the owner of the 716ers food truck which specializes in Buffalo, New York-style cuisine such as authentic Buffalo wings, steak hoagies and chicken fingers.

Shaheed spoke with rolling out about the inspiration for the food truck and the importance of generational wealth.

What inspired you to open this food truck?

My son. Once he was born, I thought about generational wealth. This is pretty much the grind for me to pursue generational wealth for my son, give the people a good taste, and give back to the communities through jobs, opportunities, and also volunteering.

Why is generational wealth important?

I feel like this country [in particular] doesn’t allow us a platform or outlet to attain [generational wealth], due to the lack of knowledge through the country’s education system. I think Black people — entrepreneurs and families — have to continue to educate their communities and kids about generational wealth, living and retirement … to support and also provide for ourselves. Nonetheless, I think generational wealth is very important, because [who’s] going to feed our family if we don’t do it?

How does it feel to be a part of Philadelphia’s culture during the Made in America festival?

It’s a blessing. I’m blessed. My team is blessed. We’re all blessed. Coming to Philadelphia, Made in America is one of the top festivals in the United States. I was honored to be there. I’m appreciative and I’m thankful to be able to get my food exposure.

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