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Shavonna Perkins helps Christian women achieve financial freedom

Best-selling writer says it’s possible to be both wealthy and righteous
Shavonna Perkins helps Christian women achieve financial freedom
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Shavonna Perkins, is the founder of The Bougie Wealth Group™ which helps others succeed financially. With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Perkins is passionate about helping women and Christians obtain financial freedom by changing their mindset and creating a plan to create their desired lifestyle. She is a certified Financial Education Instructor who holds a degree in Accounting and she has helped lead people towards homeownership and debt-free living. Her new book, I Am Too Blessed To Be Broke will help even more people change their mindset and financial practices to achieve the wealth they desire.

Tell us a little bit about how you fulfill your purpose and mission.

The Bougie Wealth Group is a formula for wealthy living. This framework extends beyond helping women to achieve success for a moment but to assist them in sustaining those moments to create a lifestyle. My mission is fulfilled by being able to teach and reach as many women as I can. Money and finances are one of the things that affect everyone, no matter where you live, your race, age or location. A change in mindset and actions leads to endless opportunities and growth. Each moment I speak, teach, vend or encourage, my goal is to change the mindset of at least one person, whether it means doing things differently or better.

What drew you to this line of work?

Growing up, my family lived a very “budgeted” lifestyle, sometimes in survival mode. I decided at an early age that I wanted access to more and set out on a personal journey to get my financial business in order. My story is one of triumph and should be that of the next woman, ultimately leading to the demise of financial curses and generational cycles within our bloodline.

In doing this work, I’ve learned that what I perceived as my biggest flaw and weakness was my greatest asset. I realized that I am magical and pretty dope. Just a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say that confidently. The main thing I learned is that I have a story that Black women need to hear; that building wealth isn’t as complicated as you think; you do not have to be born into wealth to build wealth.

Tell us about your book.

I Am Too Blessed To Be Broke is for those looking to manage their finances God’s way, break generational curses, and change their mindset about living their best life. Even if you didn’t come from wealth or see wealth growing up, this book is for you if you desire to do better. We don’t hear this often, but there is a way to live wealthy and righteous. This book teaches how to break the cycle of teetering between the promises of God and the limitations we place on ourselves because of our thinking.

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