Arsenio Hall’s home broken into twice while he was home

The ‘Coming to America’ star is the latest in a long line of Hollywood celebrities who have had their homes invaded by organized criminals.
Arsenio Hall's home broken into twice while he was home
Arsenio Hall (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Comic legend and Coming to America star Arsenio Hall may be experiencing some trauma after his home was hit up by burglars twice within the past month.

What makes it even more harrowing is the fact that the former talk show host was home during both attempted break-ins.

A source within the Los Angeles Police Department explained to “TMZ” that Hall was at home when the invaders tried to bust into his home on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022. Hall reportedly told the cops that he was upstairs when he heard a loud crash from the first floor. By the time he reached the floor level, he discovered that someone had broken the glass sliding door but failed to penetrate the home.

This comes about a month after another episode where Hall was also home. In August 2022, the would-be burglars actually got inside of the home but scampered away when they realized that Hall was home.

The LAPD, which responded both times, said the criminals fled the scene before they could arrive. They are using surveillance tapes from Hall’s home and the neighborhood as part of their investigation to determine the identity of the would-be thieves and to also find out if Hall was targeted specifically.

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