Mathew Knowles shares why Solange turned down this life-changing offer

The father says his daughter created her own path
Mathew Knowles shares why Solange turned down this life-changing offer
Solange Knowles
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The Knowles family can count some of the most talented people in the world among their supporters. Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyoncé and Solange, doesn’t say much when it comes to his family but on Nov. 5 he wanted to offer a token of appreciation to his daughters on Instagram.

While showing his appreciation, he also shared how he wanted Solange to be a part of Destiny’s Child with her sister.

“Many of you aren’t aware, but I personally wanted Solange to be in Destiny’s Child,” Knowles wrote.

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You can say that Beyoncé’s stardom started with the music group, but apparently, that didn’t interest Solange.

“That didn’t appeal to her,” Knowles continued. “You would think joining Destiny’s Child would be a dream to her, and she had every opportunity to seize the success that the group was experiencing, but she wanted to forge her very own path.

“Solange’s desires and faith in herself trumped my perusal desires for her. You see, I realized then that she had an unmatched character and an unwavering belief in herself. Me, as a father, could never get in the way of that. I finally supported and encouraged her decision. I didn’t want to fight against it anymore.”

Just like a father should, Knowles supported his daughter, and as she carved out her own path, she became a popular star as well.

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