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The new Genesis X convertible inspires luxury disruptors to make their own path

Black culture disruptors embrace elegance and new beginnings in every lane of life
The new Genesis X convertible inspires luxury disruptors to make their own path
Photo credit: Genesis

Genesis revealed its latest EV Coupe model, the Genesis X convertible, off the coast of a Malibu, California, beachfront mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The elegant, sexy two-door coupe takes the lead in luxury vehicles boasting great design aesthetic, innovative technology, and elevated hospitality — inspired by Korean Son-Nim culture.

As Blacks unapologetically disrupt the markets with new mindsets, new businesses, and new style the Genesis EV Coupe serves as a reminder to never stop doing something new and to continue beginning again and again with class.

This year, Black brands like Melissa Butler’s The Lip Bar, Pinky Cole’s Slutty Vegan, Monique Rodriguez’s Mielle Organics, Tabitha Brown’s women’s clothing and fashion line at Target all reached categorical heights in their respective markets. As men and women continue to thrive in new lanes, leading the race in markets like beauty, restaurants and fashion — they are also luxury disruptors who are forging their own path through life.

As luxury disruptors they don’t want what everyone else has. They want their own version of luxury and are not trying to be like everyone else. They’re just trying to be themselves and the Genesis EV Coupe is the perfect way to embrace luxury, elegance and automotive novelty.

According to, the latest census data statistics show that 3.12 million Black-owned businesses in the United States alone generated over $206 billion in annual revenue and supported 3.56 million U.S. jobs. An estimated 17% of Black women in the U.S. create or lead a business — they are indeed industry disruptors forging unimaginable paths and making history along the way.

The Genesis brand entered the automotive industry seven years ago with new, elegant vehicles like the GV60 Sedan SUV, GV70 Compact SUV and G70 car, and the Electrified GV80 Sedan which was named The Top Premium Brand by J.D. Power for the second consecutive year for 2022.

“We’re not aggressive, we’re not arrogant — we’re a brand which is talking to people who like our products because they define affinity, the design aesthetics and the values. It’s like what I discovered seven years ago when I went to Korea. Koreans are never aggressive, they’re never dominant and they don’t over dominate you.”

“They basically make you feel well and this is what we’re trying to do with the brand is transport those feelings to the customer,” says Luc Doncherwolf, chief creative officer of Genesis.

As Black men and women forge their own paths through life, the Genesis brand stands out in the market as an unparalleled luxury vehicle option and is known for its unmatched driving experience.

From the clean, simplistic, minimalist designs to the intentional textures and color palette throughout the vehicle like havana brown and ultramarine blue seats, red seat belts, a large 14-inch touch screen — the brand’s innovative technology and creativity is one of a kind.

Rooted in a concept called Son Nim, which means being an honored guest, head of brand marketing Jeremy Meadows explains that “being an honored guest doesn’t always include at an event but for us when you’re in one of our vehicles — you feel like this vehicle was designed around you and designed with your unmet needs in mind. So, we try to make sure our customers feel that in the vehicle — from the unique interior and fabrics it helps you feel unique and original.”

The Genesis collection of luxury vehicles continues to inspire industry disruptors and luxury disruptors to forge their own paths in life while embracing luxury and new beginnings.

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