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E Chapo dishes on her journey as a rapper, college basketball career secret

The artist didn’t hold anything back during recent interview
E Chapo dishes on her journey as a rapper, college basketball career secret
E Chapo  (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

E Chapo is moving up through the Atlanta underground hip-hop scene. An energetic and fresh burst of energy, the artist shows an alternative version of the modern-day female rapper.

During a recent interview with rolling out, E Chapo discussed her music career and what led to her current path.

Who inspired you in your music journey?

I was listening to music just because I did sports. When you do sports, you’re always in the gym, you’re always on a bus where you’re listening to music. I grew up in an era when Drake and Nicki were coming up. On YouTube, I was always watching Ludacris and Missy Elliott. … We’re in the city where hip-hop is buzzing. Luckily, I was able to catch the end of R&B with Chris Brown. I got to grow up with Chris Brown, T-Pain, Kanye. [There is] so much different culture, Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, that’s when the dances were in. Everyone was doing that, you can’t act like you weren’t doing it.

You care about performing. A lot of your peers in the trap category are lazy performers and don’t care. Why do you care about performing?

I think I just have a lot of fun. I like to have fun with the crowd. I really get lost in it. I like to entertain. Everybody knows if I’m in the room, I’m laughing and joking. I like to interact. I understand I’m in a lane where it’s hard to be in, especially as an independent female. I’m just trying to get all that together and I’m still working, still learning the kinks of being a boss in a different type of way, instead of what the internet considers to be a boss b—-.

How cool are you with Jack Harlow?

That’s my dawg. We all went through the same process to get there, we all came up together. I knew Jack back in 2014-15. He used to come down and do a lot of open mics with my manager. We’ve never worked together, but we’ve always been cool.

What’s something people don’t know about your journey playing college basketball?

I was hooping pregnant. At Georgia State, that’s where it all started. Nobody knew that. I had to deal with a lot. That situation taught me a lot, but I made it through. It taught me good lessons in life, and I’m here.

What do you have coming up? 

I just dropped a song called “Bags on Bags.” “Wat U Need” is still going. At the top of the year, I’m going to be dropping Bag Ladies. I’m excited. It’s some different music you guys haven’t heard from me yet, so it’s going to be really dope.

Where can people find you?

Make sure y’all find me at E Chapo everywhere. E Chapo on Instagram,

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