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Meghan Markle says she was not ‘treated Black’ until marrying royalty

Markle unloads some heavy baggage about her turbulent tenure as British royalty
Meghan Markle says she was not 'treated Black' until marrying royalty
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

If you thought that Meghan Markle enraged British royalty and their legions of devotees before now, wait until you get a load of episode 2 of the anticipated Netflix documentary.

In “Harry & Megan,” Markle remarks that she was not treated like a “Black woman” until she moved to England. 

Markle said she was blindsided by the obsession of the British media and public who were fixated on her race in the months prior to her ensuing marriage to Prince Harry.

Because she was born and reared in a cosmopolitan city like Los Angeles, her ethnic makeup was never much of an issue for her growing up. 

“Now people are very aware of my race because they made it such an issue in the UK,” she said in the documentary according to “TMZ.”

Markle added that “most people didn’t treat me like a Black woman,” and therefore she said her White father and Black mother never sat her down to have the “talk” about the perils and pitfalls of racism in America. 

The former actress also discussed how emotionally distressing the wedding to Prince Harry was, characterizing the ballyhooed gala as an “orchestrated reality show.”

Also included in the episode is the part where Prince Harry admits his faux pas of dressing up as a Nazi for a 2005 party which he says was the “biggest mistake in my life.”

Episode 2 of “Harry & Megan” will debut during the week of Dec. 12.

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