Drake lost a large amount of money on a sports bet

The rapper placed a wager on the World Cup final
Drake lost a large amount of money on a sports bet
Drake (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Drake has been in a gambling mood this entire year, and he’s not putting up a small amount of money. On Dec. 17, the rapper posted on Instagram that he placed a $1 million dollar bet on the World Cup final.

Drake placed the bet on Argentina, and even though they won, he lost the bet since that game went into overtime.

Drake has had an up-and-down year with his bets. In February 2022, the rapper won $1.4 million after placing a $1.26 wager for the Los Angeles Rams to win the Super Bowl. In April, he lost $100,000 after Duke lost to North Carolina in the Final Four.

In November, Drake lost $2 million after placing a bet that Israel Adesanya would beat Alex Pereira in a UFC fight.

For years, there has been a rumor that anytime Drake roots for a certain team, they end up losing. Whether he’s sporting the team’s gear or taking a picture with one of the players, many fans didn’t want the rapper on their side.

Drake’s net worth is reportedly around $260 million, so losing the amount of money he’s put on the table probably doesn’t phase him.

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