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Waffle House in Texas turns into WWF with behind-the-counter brawl (video)

The only things that got scrambled in this Waffle House were faces and wigs
Waffle House in Texas turns into WWF with behind-the-counter brawl (video)
(Image source: YouTube/Young Turk)

A Waffle House in Austin, Texas, looked more like a scene from an episode of “Wrestlemania,” replete with scrambled hands, thrown chairs and jumping over counters during a melee between customers and workers.

A battery of customers was recording as patron hostilities and the ensuing clap-back from the staff quickly devolved into a violent flurry of fists and fury.

Once a Waffle House staff member ordered the customers to depart the premises on this early morning, the fireworks quickly followed. There is no word yet as to exactly what precipitated the fracas. 

The only thing that can be determined from the flurry of cellphone recordings is that one Black woman from the patron’s group tried to jump from the counter like she was on the top rung of the wrestling ring, but she lost her footing and slipped down to the linoleum. 

That Black woman not only crashed to the floor, but she quickly got scattered, smothered and chunked like hash browns by a White woman who put her paws on the woman. 

In addition to the dancing on the counters, there was coffee being slewn across the establishment and chairs being hauled at the White woman who knew how to fight. 

YouTube video

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