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Former B2K star Lil Fizz gets into fistfight with co-star during interview

Tensions boiled over at a promotional appearance for the Run Nixon film
Image source: Instagram - @airfizzo

Lil Fizz, a former member of the hit group B2K, got into a fight with the co-star of his new film Run Nixon during a promotional interview.

Fizz, née Dreux Pierre Frédéric, 38, was on the podcast “Movies & Models Podcast” with main co-star Jordan Lee Brown and the director and producer. 

YouTube video

About one hour into the podcast, Fizz and Brown start to get confrontational about who has the most important screen presence — Fizz, a known entertainment commodity, or Brown, who won the Outstanding Actor award in 2022 at the Micheaux Film Festival. 

“I just saw, like, the character breakdown, like cool, I’m the lead. If we ain’t talking lead, leave me alone. It was just like, in a way, for me, I put in a lot of work,” Brown explained. “I don’t know too many actors that go through the leaps and bounds and the measures.”

Someone stated that Fizz performed well in the movie; however, Brown stood firm that Fizz assumed it would turn out differently and was “jealous” of him. 

In a clear indication that tensions had already been simmering before this latest escalation, Fizz retorted, “What’s up bro? What you really feel?”

After the volume in the room ratcheted up and intensified, the podcast hosts got up and left. Fizz finally stands up and challenges Brown to handle the beef on the spot. After a while, the taller and bigger Brown stands to meet Fizz’s glare. That’s when Fizz pushes him before being pushed back.

YouTube video

After the shoving, an exchange of hands quickly ensued, and the two men wrestled into a corner before the podcast hosts and producer finally disentangled the combatants.

Following the fiasco, the men were escorted from the building, and the director, SkyDirects, later released a mea culpa for the debacle, according to Vibe magazine.

“I just want to apologize first and foremost. “That’s not the tone that I really promote. I don’t promote violence, I don’t promote disrespect, so I apologize for what occurred,” SkyDirect penned. 

“I’m going to be honest. The tension has been building since day one. I kept these guys separated, and I purposely did that on set because I want, even with Nixon, I wanted Nixon to not meet Jordan Lee Brown. I want him to be afraid and intimidated on set, so he didn’t meet Jordan until it was time to shoot his scene.”

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