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A study reveals staying hydrated could be the key to living a longer life

The findings provide early clues to aging
A study reveals staying hydrated could be the key to living a longer life
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The Laboratory of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute discovered that older adults who are adequately hydrated might be healthier and live longer than those who aren’t. Their study recommends that people drink 2-3 liters of fluids daily, which means about 8 to 12 cups of water daily.

The study also showed drinking water is one of many ways to maintain good hydration. Certain foods like fruits and vegetables can meet experts’ hydration requirements. Other drinks that don’t include tons of sugar, like herbal teas and seltzer, are recommended to maintain a healthy fluid balance.

Licensed practical nurse Rayya Bullock says drinking too much water can also harm the body.

“Adults need to maintain healthy salt levels, and drinking excessive water and fluids can cause you to develop life-threatening diseases like hyponatremia, high blood pressure, and immune dysfunctions,” Bullock told rolling out.

During the study, researchers looked at the salt levels of each participant and compared them to how the rest of the body was functioning. Participants with higher-than-normal salt levels showed signs of advanced aging compared to those with low to medium salt levels who lived much longer.

“Decreased body water content is the most common factor that increases serum sodium. The results suggest that staying hydrated may slow down aging and prevent or delay chronic disease,” wrote Natalia Dmitrieva, Ph.D., one of the study’s authors..

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