Jayda Cheaves accused of skin bleaching, esthetician Rosalind Michelle responds

How chemical peels and other skin treatments can affect the color of your skin
Jayda Cheaves accused of skin bleaching, esthetician Rosalind Michelle responds
Image source: Instagram – @jaydacheaves

Jayda Cheaves was recently accused of bleaching her skin after pictures she posted of her face on her social media feeds appeared to be flawless and of a lighter hue than those previously viewed. The entrepreneur and influencer who shares a child with Lil Baby, did not hesitate to deny the accusations and shared her truth. Cheaves explained that she had a chemical peel and had her moles removed. She also said the chemical peel took off a layer of skin causing it to appear lighter.

Rosalind Michelle, an esthetician and the owner of Rosalind Michelle Skin Co, elaborated on the situation by sharing her expertise on chemical peels and other beauty procedures.

Is it possible for chemical peels to make you appear lighter like Jayda in this case?

Honestly, it depends on the type of peel that she did. I did go back and look at videos to see what people were talking about. What a chemical peel is, is a controlled wound to the skin and it’s going to elicit a response to the skin to start healing itself. Whether that is trying to induce collagen, whether we’re trying to get rid of acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, any of those things; that is why you’re getting a chemical peel and the healing process is going to be different for everyone.

There are different depths and levels of peels, so depending on the type of peel that she had, her healing process may look different than someone else saying, “I had a chemical peel and that’s not what I experienced.” I will say it does look really light [here], of course there’s lighting and cameras so you can’t really tell but there are some peels that have lightening agents in them like hydroquinone and sometimes that can cause the skin to look lighter.

Now on the negative side, and I’m not saying that this is what happened to Jayda, but there can be times when chemical peels can be too strong for someone where you can have hypopigmentation that could come as a result of that. That can be something that is a long lasting effect or something you would have to correct on the back end. But lightening and brightening is a regular process of chemical peeling and again I can’t really speak on what she did or what happened with her skin, but just looking at the video it does seem to be like she just had a procedure done. [Also], if she got her moles removed that is also going to be apart of that healing process.

What are some alternative skin procedures to chemical peels?

On the milder side you can always get a professional facial where we are using something with an enzyme. On the superficial level, that is something you can get almost as frequently as once a week. If you aren’t ready to shed, there are other procedures like micro needling, hydra facials, laser facials, and all different types of things that don’t have any down time at all.

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