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TSP Conference co-founder Lamar Tyler gives 3 tips to increase business traffic

His event had thousands of Black business owners in attendance; here’s how you can advance yours

Lamar Tyler wants to help your Black business. The co-founder of the Traffic Sales and Profit Game Plan conference hosted thousands of Black entrepreneurs for a two-day training and networking conference in metro Atlanta from Jan. 26 to Jan. 28.

During the event, Tyler spoke to rolling out about what steps Black business owners can take in 2023 to scale up their businesses.

How can Black business owners increase their volume of traffic in 2023? 

In 2023, Black business owners need to focus on three main things as it relates to traffic.

Number one is building traffic density in an organic way. That’s reaching out, that’s social media. I call it a digital version of shaking hands and kissing babies.

What I want them to even focus more so on is borrowing traffic. That’s going to find people who already have audiences that maybe have a Facebook group or an email list, or an in-person meet-up. That’s figuring out how you get your product or service in front of those people. What can you do? How can you benefit the organizer?

The third way is we need to start buying traffic. That’s advertising. I always say McDonald’s advertises, Nike advertises, Home Depot, the world’s biggest companies advertise. What makes you think that you shouldn’t?

Your shirt reads I Chase Dreams, Not Money. Why did you choose to wear that to a business conference?

The focus is we don’t want to just make income, [we want to] make an impact, and it’s both of them together. I tell people you should [do] things you love, and the thing that also makes a lot of money. When those two things combine, it’s powerful because if you’re doing something you love, but it doesn’t make money, then you’re broke, frustrated and trying to make ends meet. When you also make a lot of money, but you don’t love to do it, even though the cash is coming in, you get tired of it, you get stressed from it, it gets worn out and you get burned out quickly.

So, we want that intersection. We know if we go to that intersection, we change people’s lives. If we operate ethically with integrity, we’ll still get paid, we’ll still live the life we want to live, and we’ll still be able to build a new level of generational wealth for our families.

Why does TSP do two conferences a year?

Most people do conferences or events once a year, we do it every six months. We found [that] most entrepreneurs are on like a roller coaster when they first go to any event. They speak to a mentor or a coach at a conference and they’re on top of that ride. Then boom, they start to come down because of family, because of the kids, because of work and all the things around you.

As that thing starts to come down six months later, boom, we want to reinvigorate them [and we] want to charge them up, get them excited, and push them back into the marketplace to make more sales to grow their businesses.

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