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R&B artist 2wicee giving a voice to alopecia sufferers

Her family’s organization, The Cameron Alopecia Hero Foundation, supports her sister’s struggle

R&B singer and songwriter 2wicee got her start in music by singing in the choir at church. Apart from making music, she also spends time pouring into her family’s organization, The Cameron Alopecia Hero Foundation. After her sister was diagnosed with alopecia at just 2 years old, she made it her mission to support her condition by providing resources and educating the community.

Her new album, Yonae, features Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Ne-Yo as well as Tiffany Evans.

Read more about 2wicee’s new project and the importance of representation in beauty.

How did the Cameron Alopecia Hero Foundation come about?

Cameron Alopecia Hero Foundation is [an] organization [that] my mom started. It was based on my younger sister’s story. She’s had alopecia since she was 1 1/2, but was diagnosed with it at 2. No treatments were given, and [we had] no idea of what would work best for hair growth. But we all contribute to the organization, my mom always raised us to be supportive of each other. So it’s me, my little sister, of course, the reason it started, and then my older sister. We started this foundation just to be able to spread the word. My sister is a young model and she’s always been very insecure in herself. She’s got the height and she’s got the looks; everything. She shouldn’t be insecure … but you know how it is being a woman or just a person in this world.

How important is representation in the beauty industry?

Well, you know, Jada Pinkett has alopecia and she had that “Red Table Talk” about it a couple of years ago, but that’s when it became this big thing. Like it was new or something, and it needs to be normalized. People have those conditions, those hair loss disorders, or things people will judge, so it’s nice to have a different look in the industry. It’s nice to see my sister go out and model in fashion shows and she doesn’t wear her cap. Beauty is in us all.

What was it like working with Ne-Yo and Tiffany Evans on your new album?

It’s been amazing. We released it on Dec. 22 and the feedback we’ve been getting is awesome. Trust and believe, Ne-Yo, is [in] my top five [favorite artists]. He’s one of the best songwriters, performers and singers in the world to me. I love Ne-Yo. Tifanny Evans is amazing. Those are extremely big names that I look up to, so being able to work with them after looking up to them for years, is a very prized possession for me. I’m holding on to that forever.

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