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Actress Jasmin ‘Watch Jazzy’ Brown excited about new project, ‘Caught Up’

The thespian details her journey from social media influencer to respected professional

Jasmin Brown does not take work for granted. The actress and social media influencer is set to return to her fan-favorite role of Deja in “Zatima” on BET+ for season two, which premieres on March 16. This summer, the series she created, wrote and produced, “Caught Up,” is set to air on BET+.

Brown’s résumé features credits on the LOL Network and Netflix as well as multiple Tyler Perry productions. She’s come a long way from the social media personality who routinely went viral on Instagram and Vine for her comedic chops.

Brown talked about it all, including one of her most recent viral moments.

Actress Jasmin 'Watch Jazzy' Brown excited about new project, 'Caught Up'
Actress Jasmin Brown (Photo courtesy of Orin Fleurimont)

What is Jasmin Brown’s why?

My why is my family. Not this past Christmas, but the Christmas before, I was able to put my whole family on a yacht for Christmas, and they’ve never been on a yacht … I had a [2019] premiere for Always a Bridesmaid … and people were coming up to [my family] saying, “Jasmin is so wonderful to work with, she’s such a kind person.” My mom was like, “Everybody had amazing things to say about you” and it just made me feel so proud.

My parents are West Indian, so manners, respect and kindness come with the culture, but ultimately, I know my hard work is going to provide amazing experiences like that.

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You had one of the more viral moments in 2022 when you went on Shan Boodram’s podcast and said you were submissive to your man. What was that week like?

I had no idea that it was going to be that big, and it’s so funny because words are so powerful. After I recorded that, I said to my creative director, “This is going to go viral,” but I didn’t think anything of it. When the video got the press that it did, negative and positive, it was the men who were like, “Yeah,” and it was the women who were pissed … still, I said what I said.

I don’t feel bad for what I said, because I never knocked what people don’t do. I just said the things that I do. I think people were getting offended because for Black women it was like, “Well, I already have to do so much. There’s already so much stress on the Black woman. And now you’re saying I have to do these things, too.”

No. I’m not saying you have to do those things, But I’m telling you what I do.

What has the role of Deja on “Zatima” done for you?

It [helped] me land my own show with Tyler Perry. So I’m so grateful, and I’m 100% indebted to the role of Deja because she changed my life. Literally.

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