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Alexis Davis Smith exemplifies what empowering women looks like

The CEO of an Atlanta-based communications company opened up to ‘rolling out’

Alexis Davis Smith is ready. With over two decades of public relations experience, Smith’s business, PRecise Communications, has become a staple in the industry.

Recently, at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Las Vegas, Smith spoke to rolling out about exactly what empowering women looks like.

What does being a woman of power mean?

To be a woman of power means to be a woman of influence, to be able to make an impact that can positively affect people in your life – from your family to your community to your business to your entire network – but taking that role very seriously. Also, recognizing anything you can do to move your community forward is a huge step for our country, and especially for our people.

What is the best way to support Black women?

I think the best way to best support Black women, obviously, the first thing that comes to my mind is to listen to us – and not only listen but hear and value what we contribute as Black women.

We experience different things going through just everyday life. Definitely in corporate America and business, we deal with a lot of challenges that other women who don’t look like us [don’t] have to deal with. I would say to keep us safe and be supportive. Listen, hear, be empathetic and support.

Why do Black women and women of color need to be in leadership and executive roles?

Honestly, if Black women are not in leadership roles, things aren’t going to change. Imagine if Black women ran the world, we would get so much stuff done. All the problems we have would probably go away.

It’s important because, again, our life experiences, our perspective, and the fact we are very empathetic to every other kind of person out here [means] we have a level of sensitivity that allows us to care and act in a very different way.

How are you pushing the culture forward in your role? 

My role is in public relations. Everything really is about image and perception. I really try to make sure everything we do for our clients is that. We are contributing a positive portrayal of African American women and really celebrating our strengths, our complements, our contributions as well as our sensitivity. So, I think that’s how I give back – elevating who we are in a positive and public way.

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