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Holistic health expert and wellness coach Queen Afua teaches how to self-heal

Erykah Badu will be a special guest during the detox program

Queen Afua is a holistic health expert, wellness coach and author who teaches people how to be their own healer. As the founder of Queen Afua Wellness Institute, she teaches people how to use food as medicine, natural ways to heal the mind, body and soul using an African natural lifestyle.

Queen Afua spoke to rolling out about the health programs she offers.

What sparked your interest self-healing?

Well, I started as a teenager. I was 16 or 17 years of age in 1969. … Black nationalism came in, the Black Panther Party came in, and we began to really study and research our culture. Our way to dance, drumming, what we wear, how we think, and what we eat. So much came in the 1960s, a lot of resurrection, birthing, and a lot of death. Many of our leaders were taken from us. So that was a very revolutionary time and there was a song that I heard that stayed with me from then to now, “The Creator Has A Master Plan.” So that song was by Pharoah Sanders and I realized as years went on that I was working on one of the plans. So that was my start, and I was very sick. I had asthma, allergies, PMS, headache[s], and a number of issues as a teenager, but then I also realized that my fast-food lifestyle and fast-food diet was contributing to all that.

What are some of the practices you teach so people can heal themselves?

It’s actually five bodies of work. The most we are known for is “Heal Thyself” that’s been with me for the last 50 years because that’s the practice. So, I’ve been giving 21-day detox programs for many years with people no matter what their issues are; whether it’s diabetes or high blood pressure. Now this particular season I have some guests coming in that have not been there before. Michael Beckwith will be a part of the detox and will do a small presentation keynote to [show] how we look metaphysically. Erykah Badu is coming and she’s gonna give her 30 minutes of working with energy healing. Koya Webb, who is a massive yogini and meditation practitioner [will be there]. Queen Esther, who’s a metaphysician and my right-hand home sister, as well as SupaNova Slom “Hip-Hop’s Medicine Man”[will take part] So, these are adults in my circle who believe in this work and are going to charge everyone up for the spring 21-day equinox detox. So, I’m really happy about that. Another body of work is “Sacred Woman.” Sacred woman is about a rite of passage for women. For Black women, those who have been stolen, who are reclaiming their power, reclaiming their majesty, and reclaiming that inner healer. What we call holistic healing, which is called the new way, it’s actually from antiquity; it’s our culture.

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