Briana Hampton wants to be a voice for the voiceless through her new TV show

Briana Hampton wants people to see her growth

Briana Hampton is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and fashion stylist. Hampton wears a lot of hats, and she’s showing the world what she does in her day-to-day life on her new reality show “Just Being Briana.” Hampton, an expert on skincare has also authored several books on the subject and created a skincare line to help promote self-love and a positive personal image.

Why did you want to make this show?

Last year in October, I spoke about domestic violence within my marriage. When I went public with that, I wanted to be transparent about it. I didn’t want my publicist to file a statement for me or my manager to cover it up and say “My bad, didn’t mean to put that out, let’s fix it.” I wanted to be really transparent. I wanted to show the good, the bad, the ugly, and the nasty through my progress. With that being said, I just wanted to start filming everything. I didn’t care what it was, I wanted it to be out there so that I can be transparent and inspire other women to get out and leave and know that they can do it too. They can be strong and they don’t have to feel like they’re in a situation and they can’t get out because they have kids or because they’re not financially stable. I wanted to be the voice for them because I felt like a lot of us stay quiet and silent. I wanted to be the voice for the voiceless.

What are some tips you would give to that young girl still looking to find her true self?

You can do it. Never be afraid to start over and go after what you want and chase after your goals. Never be afraid to stand on how you feel and to know your worth. Tell that person this is what you’re not going to accept, and this is what I’m willing to accept. Get to know yourself and fall in love with yourself. It’s okay to be single for a while, it’s okay to date yourself, and it’s okay to be alone for a while. I know when people look at other people in certain situations and they felt like, “Dang, she went from relationship to relationship,” but even though she finally got her Prince Charming, you never know what’s really going on deep down inside her, because that person never took time to heal. So take time to heal and don’t focus on getting into another relationship just to satisfy other people, but take time for yourself. Get to know yourself and your worth, and then when you get into that relationship and you’re whole and healed, you’re going to attract whole and healed people.

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Awesome! I love “A voice for the voiceless”. Very powerful!

Love it! Be Encouraged! Keep God first!! Continue to let go and let God use you. God is a merciful God! No one in this world is perfect! We all make and have made mistakes. God didn’t destroy us. We learned from it, turned from it and moved on. Learning from the mistakes and choices we made/make is key for growth so that you don’t continue that same cycle! Again, be encouraged. Continue to be a voice for those that are voiceless. Because no one should stay in any relationship where they are abused physically or verbally or both! What you don’t tolerate, don’t accept! People only do what we allow them to do! Stay focused


This girl is a big liar!!! She admitted there was no physical abuse on multiple occasions!!! she just wanted to get out of the marriage to go be with her boy toy Johnell X Young of WuTang Saga series that she moved in her home with her young kids less than 3 months of ‘separation’ from her husband. And on top of that she is still married, won’t sign the papers and give LaTruth his last name back! She is not right at all! If you go on Facebook she is a member of a thug group called BriHive, Let’s Talk about it and ShadeRoom that she uses to weaponize the internet

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You are 💯% correct. She shared her husband private parts with a group of women and put it on social media now he pressed charges against her

Her husband was the leader of the most Horrible group on FB called “Keeping Up With The Latruths Reloaded “ Him and his Sister Toya bashed innocent children (Brianna Kids) in this group. Her husband has not proven anything about a picture she took. The court has NOT found Brianna in any wrong doing..

They haven’t been to court yet! Her supporters are just as crazy as she is. She is a liar, and you all know it. Her own videos prove it!

Right! Rolling Stone has just lost another follower if they are using her as a spokesperson! This girl has lied on this man from day one! She was the real abuser and she even admitted to her lies and tried to delete them! Everyone that has been exposing her , she sends her sheep to go and harass them and have gotten people fired! They should have done their background check on her before they asked her to come on this show! She needs to lose her fb page! She shouldn’t be speaking to anyone about relationships when she moved on in a month after her husband left her. She is so fake and her lies HAS BEEN EXPOSED! GO ON UTUBE AND WATCH FOR YOURSELVES!

Listen y’all need to stop the foolishness , This woman was Never abused, she was in a toxic relationship just like 50% of all Americans , she played her part and was just as aggressive , he helped her and her 3 kids , allowed her to build her careers and then he got sick , lost wieght , and had surgery , her whole attitude changed towards him, she was looking for a way out, so they had an altercation , that WAS BLOWN out of apportioned and she blasted it on line , and kept a narrative that was false , continued to bash and defame the man , that helped build all of her followers, and was asked to stop and she would not , so then his supporters saw she was lying and built groups , in which she was being exposed for all of her lies , that she was spewing on a daily basis , which led to what y’all call bashing , and now everyone wants to still continue to bash him.. like gtfoh with the shts , SHE STARTED this messy mess, and she has been doing messy drama filled behaviors for the past 6 months , and has been caught numerous of times on camera , and recordings stating she was never abused , and y’all mad at him and his supporters .. what a JOKE … and she wanna go on shows LYING to people and making it seem as if her whole entire marriage was horrible… ALL. LIES , she is clout chasing for fame and fortune , and got everyone decieved , and WE THE PEOPLE are going to continue TO EXPOSE HER..!!! PEROID !!!!

He was not the leader of that group. That group was made and ran by Tomeka! Contrary to belief, their are other people besides her husband and his family that do not support and believe her lies.

Stop lying y’all are just like her!!! That’s why y’all are so easily to agree with the green eye monster! That girl bri is a liar n a devil!!! She tried to have that black man unalive on Facebook live. All Robert has ever done to her was help her raise her fatherless children. N when she found out he might die she tried to make him adopt those kids smh! Y’all are devils just like her!!! That’s why y’all agree with all her devilish lies!! But may God strike all y’all down 1 by 1 for believing in her n helping her tear down a lil boy with cancer Facebook page damn devils! Including u Brianna!!!

Lies u tell never been seen by no one on Facebook u can’t stop that girl guide folks get bad reviews every day that make them like that person more

Right God don’t like ugly 😂😂😂😂

Lies u tell

Chile you just one of latruth followers and will bring that foolishness over to another platform. Don’t believe the hype with these ppl. They have nothing better to do with there time but run behind this man instead of worrying about their own life. Nobody can’t tell her story but her. Let him manipulate y’all fans and move along

This woman is a huge fraud and liar! She moved Johnell in her home while committing adultery. She faked a DV situation against her husband bc this was her plan the whole time to grow her youtube and push this narrative and pull on dv victims heart strings. She was the one that abused her husband mentally and physically both on camera and off camera. She so fake don’t waste anymore interviews on this fakery! She is a horrible mother and wife she didn’t want to be married anymore bc he had cancer! A whole joke don’t buy her books, skincare or watch that fake show! SHE LIED!!!! The whole internet know this!

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You absolutely right that’s why I don’t support her I see lies all in her 😂😂😂😂

She needs mental help in real life, she’s a HABITUAL LIAR…

Brianna is brave to come out and tell her domestic violence situation story. There is no one that was in her home, except for Brianna and her husband, Robert at the time of this story.. the problem I have is that so many victims come out and tell their story and people don’t seem to believe them. That’s why they suffer in silence.. Brianna has now found a friend in a guy named Janelle who has spoken several times publicly saying that him and Brianna are just friends and he just wants to support her. Janelle also has his own home in his own vehicle everything that they are saying about him has not been proven, and it is a lie. Janelle absolutely does not live with Brianna. . He has also come out and said that he is never going to rush Brianna into any type of relationship that she needs to heal and that he wants to be there for her just for her healing. all these negative comments are people who support her husband, Robert Hampton, but Brianna has thousands and thousands of people that support her and follow her every day on social media.

NO’MA’AM .. THIS IS FALSE.. She was never abused , and we have SEVERAL videos and recordings , where she stated she was never abused , THEY both were toxic and BOTH were aggressive at times , BUT ABSOLUTELY no abuse took place , apparently you do not know the whole story or have not been following them for years to understand what’s taking place here, she has spewed a narrative and she shows bits and pieces of things to create that narrative and she’s making thousands and thousands of dollars off doing so, ITS A LIE , why do you think people are exposing her so much, why do you think there are groups supporting Robert, no one is hating, who hates on a social media video vixen influencer, I mean let’s be real, the problem is, is most of us have been following them for years, so we know all the deleted videos that she won’t show y’all, that shows a whole different picture of her and what took place in their marriage, she shifted ,after he got sick and lost weight, he became ugly to her, she no longer wanted to be with him and she was looking for her way out, so soon as she got his followers, she got her plastic surgeries, all while she was secretly recording every little altercation , making she she was calm and made him look crazy..who records for years during a marriage , but still remarried him 6 months before the separation and paid for it .. she waited for one altercation to happen and she blew that up to get out, she was just aggressive as him and she was just as insecure as him and it’s all on video so I don’t know HOW y’all don’t understand why people are bashing her , but IT DAMNN sure ain’t becuz of hate , Men get railroaded a lot these days , and if it wasn’t for all the lies she got caught in, Like most of us, We were suporting her narrative , until we weren’t.. We started to see her get caught on lie after lie , and she won’t post those videos , she likes to post certain clipped , planned recordings , and it paints a ugly picture , but if you want to the whole show, you will see a entirely different picture , so all you are doing is being used by her because you and the rest are how she makes her money, and she knows this and until y’all wake up and see that she had literally tried to destroy this man’s career on purpose she’s very bitter and it shows in her day-to-day behavior especially trying to use God in all this messiness ,while she’s fornicating with the man she just met, moved him in her house 2 months after she had just separated and dragging her youngest child around the new man ,all to hurt the husband, please, you call that an abused woman ?? Sorry, but that’s a bitter scorned vindictive woman .. and She is going to continuously be exposed for the liar and Manipulater that she is , until she is truly exposed !!! And everyone should be ashamed for falsely bashing this man continuously for 6 months when no one was in the home and believing her just because she’s a woman and because she showed a video of a dramatized exaggerated performance on camera.. It’s quiet scary how far she went and goes to make people believe her , when we have already seen everything in black and white and y’all will fight and destroy people’s lives to a woman that none of y’all know’s real scary!!!

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Soooo you have not been watching her obviously

All this would be so nice if it was true! They both talked reckless to each other or in her words they both “emotionally abused” each other. She was always the aggressor. She couldn’t handle it when he started standing up for himself! All this happened because he refused to let her go through his phone. You really should do your research. I’m not a supporter of the husband but I feel bad for him because the video of the 911 call was enough for me to determine that she was a LIAR.

Funny how SAGE in THE CITY bs as. Page sent y’all over here to bash a woman. A bunch of LATRUTH commentators and FANS. Rolling stone will be a dub to sit here with a bunch of ppl from his platform. She glowing up with her truth. He is a manipulative man and y’all be mad because some of us with sense can see thru him! Y’all keep that mess with his fraud as.

Keep sharing your story Bri. No one knows what you truly went through but God. And those who are saying you moved Johnell in are just going by the fact that they see him at your house. But he’s your friend so where else would he be…duh! But that doesn’t mean he lives there. People are so simple minded.

Keep glowing and growing Queen! And don’t EVER let anyone else dim your light. Be blessed

Lol you funny they don’t seem friends to me they seem girlfriend boyfriend type Jonny boy always throwing hints he tired of hiding them too being together 😂😂😂😂😂

At the end of boyfriend and girlfriend is the word….friend. The use of words is miniscule hun.

Bri keep living your life!

She just broke Johnell’s phone and he showed everyone on his live so they may not be friends anymore

This women need help she can’t talk about no DV because she never being a victim it’s crazy that she lieing to these people smh..

….and where’s the side of the story where she attacked a recent surgery hospital patient, pepper spraying him, and using those big hoofs of hers to kick him, all because he didn’t want to give her HIS phone. Insecurity at its finest, then she runs to social media to cry victim. This delusional broad is a habitual liar, point blank PERIOD.

She lied on her first baby daddy when she said he sicced dogs on her and her kids because she was at his house harassing his wife and his real kids.

Briana Hampton wants to be a voice based off lies, have you guys seen what she’s affiliated with. She’s pure drama. I am a true DV victim and she has created a false narrative that she herself was victimized just to build her platform. She’s a fake in my opinion. You guys need to look at all the drama she has inserted herself into, do your research before using her for whatever reason. She’ll will be a bad name behind your image.

She is an insult to the REAL domestic violence community. Real domestic violence victims do not normally initiate violence. Nor do they expose nude pictures to the world of such said attacker. Wouldn’t they be afraid to do this?

This broad is full of pure hot shit.

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Brianna Hampton is a big time liar, I and many others will not associate themselves with anything she is apart of! She is worse than Amber Heard in my opinion. I pray that she is brought to some sort of justice for lying to millions of people about being abused!! She used her husband to get where she is at, just to lie on him!! She is a sick individual who needs help!!!

Many people relate to Brianna. I definitely support her and her journey. I also have followed her for years. I was in a Narcissist relationship and can understand everything Brianna has endured. Thank you for standing up for yourself Brianna we all appreciate you.

You support a woman who is a compulsive liar???? People like you are the reason she thinks it’s ok to behave the way she does

I am disappointed in rollingout, holding this interview without doing their homework. This woman has an active gag order!!encouraged harassment and People has put all the proof of things that she’s done IN HER OWN WORDS!this lady has started a whole campaign with bullying and harassing groups. YouTube has all the proof and videos that she’s deleted to continue to run with this false narrative, I used to see rollingout as reputable, now I question that.

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Rolling out should have watched Sweetma’s videos on YouTube before they did this interview

You should remove this article. Briana is not a person this magazine should be associated with. She lied about domestic violence in order to ruin her ex husband’s career. Then she moved Johnell X Young into her home with her 4 children after only knowing him for 3 months. Now she leaves her children home with her father (who has a criminal record for violating children) while she goes on vacations with Johnell. She is a disgrace to all women.

I thought you are supposed to investigate before you publish things like this. This female lied about her husband beating her on several occasions and there are videos proving it. If I was the husband, I will sue for deformation. This girl is joke on FB and YouTube and you didn’t investigate. WOW.

I love the article! Continue to be Encouraged and continue to let God use you. No weapons formed against you shall prosper. God is a merciful God! You got this.

Briana. Lieonya. Adulteress. Fake. Phony. Rock thrower. Hand hider. Gold digger. For the streets.

➡Everything is UNREAL. From the love she should have showed her husband. From the bond she should have had with her friends. From the way that she treats her children. To the way she PORTRAYS this HUGE FB famous act.

➡One minute she is praising God and speaking in tongues. Then later the same day she is twerking, cursing and gyrating.

➡If FOR THE STREETS was a person…you can PLASTER her face as the PRIME EXAMPLE.
➡If using fans for monetary gain was a person…she is that person.

It’s not that she is is the mere fact that her behavior, motives, language, and the way she moves is not that of a celebrity, let alone as role model. Role model? NOPE! But for the ROAD (the streets) YES!!

➡She has been caught in so many lies. She has shown the world and her own children behavior that is way short of a true woman with morals and values.

➡I hope the world see her for what she stands for…and not just boosting her ego by saying “oh you’re so beautiful.” Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty starts within. She portrays an inside out life and that’s the only thing that her fans celebrate.

➡ Where were her supporters for her skin care line. She brought a white label product & charged her fans 3x-5x what the price was. Wal-Mart doesn’t even do that. She PRICE GOUGED them & when she ran out, she said the heck with the rest of y’all.

➡The Premiere….was more hype than hip. More cameramen than supporters. That’s another example of wanting to be someone that you’re not. WHY DO A PREMIER FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS GONNA BE SHOWN ON FACEBOOK FOR FREE? Give them their money back.

➡Fashion show… What? Why? You could have pulled those outfits out of your closet and done a show with you and your kids. You can tell again that she was out of her league. Models have distinct walks, turns, poses, etc. You sashayed down those table (turned into a platform) as if you were at home walking from room to room. Study the craft before you try to master it.

➡Lastly….your man. Oooh chiiiile. You don’t know up north man like you think you do. You ever heard of motive and opportunity? Well…. that’s what he is riding on.
I DO WISH YOU: Maturity, Cleverness, Maternal Instincts, Adult Behaviors, Self Respect and LOVE THAT APPARENTLY YOU HAVE NEVER RECEIVED.
Get to know you before you keep giving yourself to others. How can you give of yourself when you don’t really know who you really are?

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This robert brother Kevin Wesley
Look him up on YouTube he writing this he is the one with a wife and side chick that’s pregnant and they all live in the same home poly is what he call it he tells her they married about we all know in united states u can only be married to 1 he also abuse women them women are so stressed out agreevwith everything he say.he not happy with Briana cause he wanted her he very upset about that but they love to lie on this girl

All the lies she tell no she’s not a good mother u say u with ur kids all the time, that is a lie u stay gone more then u or with ur kids and when u home with ur kids u pay them no mind u can’t teach noone nothing when u not walking the right path and for the ones who say she changed their life I just don’t see how she lied and said her husband beat her and he didn’t u moved a man in ur house 3months after saying ur husband did all these things to u.shes nobody role model…

Very good mother her xhusband Robert Hampton beat her and her brother Kevin Wesley on YouTube go read about him.scaming the needy

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I appreciate Briana coming forward with her story. Continue speaking your truth and stand firm!! It’s unbelievable how they try to bash everything she has going on. Keep going Briana because there’s someone out there that needs this inspiration to leave a narcissist. Thank you Rolling Out for allowing her to speak her truth!

These people who are talking negatively about Briana are very miserable! This is why women are afraid to speak on Domestic violence because of the negative backlash. I am glad Briana is standing in her truth and I support her every step of the way! Her soon to be ex-husband is trying to get her black balled and is encouraging his followers to bully her. But I stand with you Bri, you have people who are on your side and support you ✊🏽


These people get on here and lie about Briana one reason is they get paid by her ex husband to lie he abused her for 6yrs since she speaking her truth he is very angry he taking out on his children and won’t visit .this man she was married to is a Narcissistic and his brother Kevin, Toya are in with him they made a group up called keeping up with the latruths

This person is telling lies to cover for a abuser she need a friend by her side so johnell came into her life when she mosted need ,her xhusband has tried to destroy everything she do .cause he mad she not there taking care of him anymore and he not controlling her any more he is 41 and she is 30 so go figure that.naracasstic looks for younger woman to control there mind

She never broke his phone they put stuff on fb for you’ll to talk cause it don’t bother her any more she healed from her xhusband abused .johnell is a good friend for her and Briana is all about God robert family fake There love for God and he faked cancer .he had surgery to remove the same gene that killed his mom and sister there’s was cancer hos was not it lied to relieve money

Well if it was a lie that he had cancer. Guess who announced it on their platform ? BRIANA See I’ve been following them
For years and I remember it like yesterday when she made that live stating. “I JUST FOUND OUT MY HUSBAND HAS CANCER “. She was at every doctors appointment going live felling us in on everything step by step. So that’s to say if he lied She was in on it right with him. So idk if it’s true or not. I can just tell you what I witnessed watching during his cancer journey. Oh and I have plenty of footage from during that time. Them talking to the doctors etc.I was really drawn to it. Because at the time my dad was battling cancer.

Good job Bri

Briana is a awesome mother,sister friend ,daughter she has been tore down by her house family ,why ?? Because she told her truth robert hampton abused her 6yrs and he very upset with her imagine being a man in his shoescand not ready to admit to being a abuser some of us might do the same she has a army behime her and he has one behime him he pays to lie on her .and we all know what money does for sine folks ..but I thank God for places a sweet women that I can enjoy and wait her take care of her babies,model,dance,sing,she also have a reality show on fb on every Friday at 8 pm come support her she got it going on please don’t ever let bad judgement of haters stop u for liking a good hearted person

This is so sad that this girl is running with this abuse story. This should be a slap in the face to women that have really been abused. She tried the same this with her first baby daddy. Got online and slandered him. She is nothing but drama. Talks entirely too much that she forgets her lies. My cousin graduated from the school she claims she went to and got an Associates, Bachelors and Masters degree and there is no record of this girl getting either. People want to believe her because she’s “pretty” and got 4 kids and say she’s young. No!! She’s a grown woman and knows what she’s doing. Falsifying documents, lying, copywrite enfringements galore are some of the legal issues that she’s going to face if she does not stop this mess! Her supporters didn’t even come to her event to support but online everyday being evil and posting mess.

He did abuse her these people you writing to knew u all was coming with lied Briana is covered by The Highest

An expert on skincare is a reach.🙄 She slapped labels on a cheap brand. No footwork. Fashion stylist? Hardly! She needs a stylist. This whole writeup and interview is bs. Throw the whole thing away. She’s a liar and needs psychological help! The issues with her didn’t start with her husband. The girl been full of lies and drama. And she says her husband didn’t write his book. Hell she didn’t write all hers. She got help too. My goodness. She looks different without those filters and makeup. Not saying shes ugly but she does look a bit worn and strange around the eyes.

Wow I cant believe Rolling Out didn’t do some investigating before teaming up with this chick.She is a habitual liar, narcissist and a bully. This girl is lying about being abused by her soon to be ex husband. Go on YouTube and see for yourself. I cannot and will not support anything that she’s connected to. It’s a shame that she has painted this false narrative about Domestic Violence and have real DV survivors actually believing her lies. She’s do in court next week for giving her husband’s nude pics to people to put on the internet. She’s toxic and has no business being a spokesman for ANYONE!

Probably because they knew u was coming with lies bri is covered they knew u guys was coming lol

She’s a lier throw the whole show away ,

Never she well protected

It’s evident that many are up here just to bash this woman and stop her shine. None of us know what their relationship really was but all of you are up here claiming your opinion to be fact and tearing down a black woman in the process….and the majority of these negative comments are from females smh.

Keep shining Brianna. People will do their best to destroy you but nothing can stand in the way of your greatness but you.

Me being a Domestic violence Survivor I can’t stand by and allow this woman Briana to be the voice of the voiceless and for DV Survivors such as myself. When she initially first came out I believed her hold heartedly. Mind you I’ve been a follower of her and her husband for years. But then as each day went by her story started to change. Not small things but Huge things. She went from saying he abused her to. “I didn’t tell yall that “. She clearly blamed social media and said we took her words out of context and cursed social media out. I will not repeat the things she said on here. She since then has used her platform to bully, bash, and use scare tatics against anyone that voices an opinion that doesn’t coincide with her narrative. She has called people jobs with false allegations, DSS on people’. She had had her followers falsely report people pages so they can be taken down. She prewar so much hate and negativity on her platform daily for the last 6 months. But she tries to sell this false narrative that she is about self love and women empowerment . She will make a live on Monday saying she is not going to address anything anymore and she wants peace. Then on Wednesday she right back at tearing Her Ex husband down . Her tongue is very deadly with the things that comes out. She has even threatened his life on a recorded audio. She leaked a nude photo of him. If the shoe was on the other foot and he leaked a nude of her. He would’ve been in jail. She uses her daughter they have together as bait. It’s just wrong and don’t take my word for it. I have a entire collage of everything I’m
Stating. She had since deleted a lot of lives off her pages . But once you make it and put it out there it never goes away . Especially with all the screen recording. Last but not least I really really wish she would get the help she needs. Not only for her but for her children. I know they have been traumatized by this all. Then she has this man that’s supposedly only her friend. But they do things on camera that friends don’t do. She’s moving the same way. She needs to remove any type of relationship out of her mind period as of now. Because she met her Ex husband freshly out of an abusive relationship “ allegedly “ and right after her mom passed. So she’s just repeating the Cycle.

Her husband Robert also abused his daughter,ex girlfriend,wife and he gets on Facebook with over 29 fake pages go check it out and Kevin Wesley check him out on YouTube and Robert on shade room picture of chrisean on the profile picture

I am so proud of Briana. Walking away from a situation with someone who has a large following, especially after exposing the toxicity wasn’t easy. She has dealt with attacks from ppl that wasn’t in the relationship with her. Ppl that didn’t deal with the things she’s dealt with. Ppl will refuse to believe that their beloved favorite internet Influencer could be anything but what they portray online. They refuse to believe that Briana tried to protect his image at the expense of looking bad herself. They refuse to believe that she’s a victim. The gag is that’s how narcissistic relationships work (I’ve been there) It bothers ppl that she’s moved on and has since been flourishing. Her journey is a true testament that it can be done. It’s sad to even see ppl on this platform bashing her. They literally follow her every move and try to discredit her and her story. It only proves that she has truly made it. Keep pushing Mamaz. This comes with the territory.

Unbelievable!!! I really feel bad for this magazine. The entire interview started off with a lie! “TV Show?” Since when did recording a vlog that premiered on Facebook become a “TV Show?” I also feel bad for all of the REAL domestic violence victims who are being fooled and lied to by this woman. How can she give advice stating that women should not jump into another relationship when she met Johnelle only a couple of months after splitting from her husband and not only did she almost immediately move him in and give him access to her children, she spent upwards of 30k on him in less than 90 days of knowing him. How do I know these things? Briana posted videos of all of it! Lastly I feel bad for her soon to be ex-husband. She has proven and stated that she will stop at nothing to destroy that man. The same man that took her and her three children in and (in her own words) totally upgraded her life and put her in the position to make more money than she could ever dream of. She stated that before him she was making $10/hr. Also according to her she is making roughly 50k per month. (Thanks to him). She admitted that he DID NOT physically abuse her AFTER she already put it out to the world that she suffered abuse for 6 years. She has been on live showing his tax returns and his income, she has leaked nudes of him as well as telling her 3.2 million followers that (in her own words) he has a shrimp and he’s not a grower. There is so much more that she has done and said about this man. Her behavior is not that of an abused woman. She literally lives 10 minutes away from him and she admitted to showing up to his home in lingerie attempting to have you know what with him AFTER she “got out” of the abusive relationship. She also admitted to showing up to his home unannounced/uninvited late at night with their 3y/o trying to make him watch her. Real abused women don’t move like this. Especially after they “get out.” I hope any other platforms that think about showcasing this woman does their homework before affiliating themselves with such a dishonest person.

Don’t feel bad they knew u guys was coming just like the other thing they tried to destroy and she even became a speaker after they left bad reviews bri winning cause of u guys thank you

Bri keep GLOWING up and passed the haters. You have millions of supporters. Block them and keep living.

This is a 🤡 article.. this woman lied on a man and it has been proving.. I’m so offended as a survivor of domestic violence.. she teaching ppl to publicly antagonize their abuser.. NOT COOL

Her husband Robert Hampton He beat his daughter and ex girlfriend also

Listen I am not hear to bash this young lady, But I refuse to listen to that interview. This woman told to many lies. If you don’t believe anything the people are saying, go and review all sweetma videos on YouTube, she broke down every thing for you to understand. When this young lady comes out with the abuse. I know she was lying I never believe her, I am not on no one side but the truth. This woman drag her x husband all over the internet, it was disgusting to watch. As I follow this story all I see and hear was lies lies lies, it’s pathetic to see her behaviour. Brianna God sees everything And the way you treated your husband on social media. Girllll your karma is coming and when it comes. It will be 10 times worst than how you treated him. Your followers should be telling you the truth , instead they are cheering you on. I have nothing against this young lady but her behaviour has been sickening, and pathetic for us all to see. Brianna you have children and karma is real, what ever you do in life it shall come back around, one day one day you shall see and understand what I am saying.

Well go away we enjoy listening did u know Kevin Wesley riped the poor out of money and Robert Hampton beat bri his daughter and x girlfriend

Last edited 19 days ago by Jackie

This woman should not be a voice for DV women, we do not need a fraud. This is an insult to us women who have experienced DV and lost loved ones due to DV. We have supported this woman to the core until lies came out and I refuse to support this child. I send love and healing to her.

She is a awesome speaker cause her husband Robert Hampton beat her and his daughter

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