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Briana Hampton wants to be a voice for the voiceless through her new TV show

Briana Hampton wants people to see her growth

Briana Hampton is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and fashion stylist. Hampton wears a lot of hats, and she’s showing the world what she does in her day-to-day life on her new reality show “Just Being Briana.” Hampton, an expert on skincare has also authored several books on the subject and created a skincare line to help promote self-love and a positive personal image.

Why did you want to make this show?

Last year in October, I spoke about domestic violence within my marriage. When I went public with that, I wanted to be transparent about it. I didn’t want my publicist to file a statement for me or my manager to cover it up and say “My bad, didn’t mean to put that out, let’s fix it.” I wanted to be really transparent. I wanted to show the good, the bad, the ugly, and the nasty through my progress. With that being said, I just wanted to start filming everything. I didn’t care what it was, I wanted it to be out there so that I can be transparent and inspire other women to get out and leave and know that they can do it too. They can be strong and they don’t have to feel like they’re in a situation and they can’t get out because they have kids or because they’re not financially stable. I wanted to be the voice for them because I felt like a lot of us stay quiet and silent. I wanted to be the voice for the voiceless.

What are some tips you would give to that young girl still looking to find her true self?

You can do it. Never be afraid to start over and go after what you want and chase after your goals. Never be afraid to stand on how you feel and to know your worth. Tell that person this is what you’re not going to accept, and this is what I’m willing to accept. Get to know yourself and fall in love with yourself. It’s okay to be single for a while, it’s okay to date yourself, and it’s okay to be alone for a while. I know when people look at other people in certain situations and they felt like, “Dang, she went from relationship to relationship,” but even though she finally got her Prince Charming, you never know what’s really going on deep down inside her, because that person never took time to heal. So take time to heal and don’t focus on getting into another relationship just to satisfy other people, but take time for yourself. Get to know yourself and your worth, and then when you get into that relationship and you’re whole and healed, you’re going to attract whole and healed people.

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