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Paramount Pictures exec DeDe Brown shares tips for future generation of leaders

The executive spoke on the panel for the National Black MBA Association Atlanta Chapter: Women’s Leadership Summit

DeDe Brown is the senior vice president of multicultural marketing and publicity at Paramount Pictures. Brown is also the co-host 0f “BLK On The Scene,” which is a show geared toward Black creators. On May 18, 2023, she shared her career journey at the National Black MBA Association Atlanta Chapter: Women’s Leadership Summit panel to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Brown shared two tips for the women leaders of tomorrow.

Is there something that you want people to take away from your personal career stories?

The main thing that I would say is let’s support each other. Remember to give each other grace, love each other, and try to lead and work with an open heart. I think if we did [that] more we would have less misunderstandings, less snarkiness, and more togetherness. Just always try to lead and be present with an open heart in everything you do.

What is one tip or a couple of tips that you can give to the future generation of leaders?

Okay, two tips. One is again, support each other. Sometimes it’s networking laterally to your left or your right, and making sure you all are supporting each other in your respective roles. When something comes up that may not be right for you speak your friend’s name, or your associate’s name in a room, and don’t be afraid to advocate for them. Issa Rae did. I think she spoke about this that she was very adamant about reaching to the left and right not necessarily networking up in Hollywood and look at what she’s done bringing people along with her. That’s like my number one tip. Then number two, share the salary information. You want pay transparency as much as you feel comfortable with, but tell your friends in your network, share information about your finances, your salary, side gigs, and whatever you can to help that next person but also help yourself. They may not know that you want to do X, Y and Z but if you tell them, they’ll keep an eye out for you.

What does the event mean to you on a personal level?

When I was your age, I wish I had been in more rooms like this and there were more opportunities for us. It means the world to me because I also have my two sisters coming who live in Atlanta and my niece who’s 11 who will be around this community. It means the world to me. I [also] used to live in Atlanta many years ago, and I still consider myself an Atlantan.

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