HelpMeet Club founder says generations change, love remains

Matchmaker Shaneeka McCray shares a tip for elite singles

Shaneeka McCray is a certified relationship matchmaker and the founder of the brand HelpMeet Club. McCray helps professional elite singles find love by coaching with the law of attraction or finding the best match for her members.

After overcoming a bad relationship and feeling unfulfilled in her career, McCray turned her life around and was inspired to do the same for others.

How is HelpMeet Club different from going on Bumble or Tinder?

They’re completely different, but they both have their benefits. I believe [with] dating apps, it might be just an average person using their specific skill set as it comes to relationships and navigating. Sometimes that may be zero skill set, and you’re just kind of trying [things] and saying, “OK, well, this doesn’t work,” but it’s because you don’t know what you’re doing. Now when it comes to matchmaking, it’s a white-glove [approach]. We do everything for you, in terms of interviewing your potential match, interviewing you, and just being that middle point. Then I’m pretty good at identifying what your blockages are, and things like that. It takes a lot of time to prepare a person for an actual date. Don’t get me wrong now, I do have a matchmaking membership that teaches clients how to use online dating.

What tip do you have for elite singles?

Sounds funny, but I don’t give tips. I think that we are in a lot of trouble because of all the tips we’ve been getting online. The one tip that I will give is to watch your influences, such as the media and the people you have around you. If I give a tip, and a person is going through something, I’m going to give a good tip but you’re gonna take it and say, “You know what, that’s all I needed to hear to leave him.” So my tip is to watch what you’re taking in your ear gate, your eye gate, who you’re listening to, and who you are taking advice from.

How has love changed over the generations?

I would say at the core, love is always the same. It’s always the fruit of the spirit. Those are the elements that we’re looking for. The gentleness, the kindness, and the forbearance. The thing is, it changes with each generation. The things that we’re doing now are not what our grandparents or parents were doing. We’re building businesses together, not to say that wasn’t happening back in the day, but our positions are different. We have to work together to do something completely different than what we did before. So, you can’t compare them, because you had to do what you had to do at that particular time, but at the core essence, it’s the fruit of the spirit that’s going to always win.

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