‘Blacks for Trump’ call out Fani Willis outside Atlanta jail

The protesters didn’t hold back

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Symonette’s responses are shared in full to highlight his ideology. His statements haven’t been verified and may be false. WARNING: explicit language]

“Blacks for Trump” came out in droves hours before Donald Trump planned to turn himself in at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta on Aug. 24. The organization’s founder, Maurice Symonette, spoke to rolling out about the group showing up to the jail to support the politician facing RICO charges for allegedly trying to interfere with the results of the 2020 Election.

Why are you all out here in Atlanta to support Trump?

I’m out here today because Trump is being treated like, what they would call, a n—-.

How do we know that? This [Fulton County District Attorney] Fani Willis, or I call her “Manny Willis,” which means Sambo Slavebeating-Wicked B—- of the West, she has the nerve, this little wicked h–fer has put like 30 Black women in jail for what? Cheating on tests? She’s charging them with racketeering and RICO, which is a 20-year sentence or $250,000 fine or they get all your property. That’s what racketeering is if you don’t believe it, the man who created Joseph Biden and Bill Clinton. Look it up, Joseph Biden said the word n—- three times. Look at the whole video; you see Joseph Biden making a speech about when he created the 1994 law to put 1.4 million Black men in jail and we confiscate everything from “those people.” You know when you say “those people,” you’re saying “n—-.” He’s confiscating all our cars and property, so why would you indict YSL? Some young Bloods, I mean young brothers? If they did murder, charge them with murder. Why did you charge them with racketeering and still arrest 21 of them? So you could take all of their property. So why? So, the Black Code and Jim Crow laws do not allow Black men and women to own property.

It’s a deliberate thing to make them think they’re helping you, but they’re actually putting 1.2 million Black men in jail.

So why do you think Trump is being treated like a Black man?

Because he’s a Gentile. Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Ham is the father of all Africans. He’s the one who had the children of Israel in slavery. Japheth is the father of all White Gentiles, Genesis 10: 1-5. Shem is the father of all the Black Hebrew Israelites, which is us. I’m not a Hebrew Israelite like the ones who be cussing White people out and calling them the devil. I’m with the Yahweeh Hebrew and know that Shem is our father. Abraham is our father because Genesis 15:13 says, “Abraham’s children will be carried away captive on ships and treated evil for 400 years.” Nobody else fits that description, but us … the White Gentiles are our little brother … when [Dr.] Martin Luther King [Jr.] said, I want to see little White kids with little Black kids, all of a sudden, he came up dead. When Malcolm X said, “Hey, I just discovered all White people aren’t the devil,” two days later, he was put to death.

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