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T-Pain victim of a hit-and-run, calls out driver who left the scene

The platinum hitmaker warns runaway driver ‘what we’re looking for now’
T-Pain (Photo credit: Bang Media)

T-Pain is on the lookout for a driver in the Atlanta area that hit his vehicle and fled the scene this past weekend.

Neither T-Pain nor either of his passengers were hurt as the “Can’t Believe It” singer shared a video on Instagram shortly after the wreck. In the video, the Grammy Award-winning artist expresses his frustration and issues a warning to the reckless driver that hit his car about a mile from his home as he returned from the airport.

“Times is hard out here, man,” Pain said with a chuckle. “Whoever just f—— ran into the back of my g–d— truck, man, whoever just hit me, my wife, my road manager … whoever just did that s— and drove off? My n—-, life’s about to get so much worse.”

“First of all n—-, you left the whole g–d— front of your truck, so we know what we’re looking for now. You left your f—— baby toy. So, we know you got kids,” he continued. “Look, I know times is hard. And I know things is rough out there. But I tell you what: s— is going too great for me to not make me want revenge right now.”

Despite the seriousness of the matter, the Tallahassee, Florida-born entertainer known for his easy-going demeanor continued to make light of the incident as he joked within the comments that, “Ppl that are saying my neck and back gonna hurt tomorrow are really underestimating how much my neck and back was already hurting from just being old.”

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