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Skepta reflects on the evolution of rap battles and his new Puma line

Rapper discusses feuds and prioritizing business over battles in recent interview
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As the dust settles on the recent back-and-forth between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, the rap community continues to buzz with opinions and reflections. In a recent interview with The Evening Standard, British grime artist Skepta shared his thoughts on the state of rap battles and his latest ventures, including his newly launched PUMA line.

The diplomatic stance of Skepta

Skepta, a figure well-known in the grime scene and for his connections with Drake, chose a diplomatic route when addressing the feud between the two rap titans. “I’m going to stay out of this one,” he stated. “It used to be fun back in the day, but now it’s getting a bit serious.” The artist reminisced about the days when rap battles were a rite of passage when young artists could freely exchange lyrical blows without significant consequences.

Business over battles

“Nowadays, I think it’s bad for business,” Skepta continued, emphasizing the shift in priorities as artists mature. “We’re too old for that, man… Let the kids argue.” He pointed out that the stakes are different for established artists who have families to support and businesses to run. Skepta’s perspective highlights a common sentiment among veteran artists who have moved beyond the competitive clashing of their youth.

Skepta’s legacy and future

Despite his current stance on rap battles, Skepta’s history in the music industry is marked by his willingness to engage in lyrical warfare. His influence on the grime scene and his collaborations with international artists like Drake have solidified his legacy. With the launch of his PUMA line and other projects, Skepta is focusing on new ways to leave his mark on the culture.

As the conversation around rap feuds continues, Skepta’s insights offer a mature perspective on the evolution of the art form and the importance of balancing artistic integrity with the realities of life and business.

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