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Airbnb host appeals to Elon Musk after ban for alleged racist remarks

The Airbnb host has a history of racist posts, including some regarding a statue of George Floyd
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An Airbnb host, identified as Petey B, has reached out to tech mogul Elon Musk following his ban from the platform for comments deemed racist towards Black women. The host, who claims to have never discriminated against any guests, was stripped of his “super host” status and had all his bookings canceled after Airbnb connected his derogatory social media posts to his host profile.

Allegations of discrimination

Petey B’s appeal to Musk is based on the premise of defending free speech, as he believes his ban from Airbnb is an unjust financial punishment. Despite his claims of innocence, Airbnb’s decision aligns with its nondiscrimination policy, which strictly prohibits any form of bias against guests based on race, color, ethnicity and other protected characteristics.

Controversial social media posts

The controversy stems from Petey B’s social media activity, where he described an incident involving his friend and Black American women in Greece. His narrative — which included calling the women “ghetto” and recounting their alleged inappropriate behavior — sparked a backlash and accusations of racism. Other users chimed in with negative stereotypes about Black American women, further fueling the debate.

Racism in Greece

Petey B, who is originally from Greece, is now facing scrutiny against the backdrop of documented racism against Black tourists in the country. Incidents like the tragic death of Bakari Henderson and the surge in violence against migrants and refugees highlight the racial tensions present in the nation.

Response to the ban

Despite his ban and the ensuing controversy, Petey B has continued to post provocative content, including derogatory remarks about a statue of George Floyd. As of now, there has been no public response from Elon Musk regarding Petey B’s request for support.

Community impact

The incident has sparked conversations about the boundaries of free speech, the responsibilities of hosting platforms to enforce community standards and the ongoing struggle against racial discrimination. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining respectful and inclusive environments both online and in the hospitality industry.

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