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Witnessing divorce as a child, TyTheGuy is determined to keep family together

Content creator wants to break his family’s cycle

For TyTheGuy, celebrating Father’s Day means just a little bit more.

The rapper and social media influencer celebrates his second Father’s Day this year with his only son, who he proudly calls one of his closest friends now.

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TyTheGuy spoke to rolling out and explained why fatherhood and family mean so much to him.

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Why do you think becoming a father is so powerful and life-changing?

I’m going a little tangent right here.

I say it’s powerful because you don’t know what God is doing in your life. You don’t know where God is taking you in your life. You don’t know where you are going to end up. When you have a kid, that gives you some sort of direction.

When you have a kid, that teaches you responsibility, man. Even as a grown a– man now, I’m still learning how to be responsible. In certain ways … my kid made me more responsible. I have to be on top of my s—. I have to make sure I make some f—– money because s— is expensive than a b—- … If you don’t see yourself raising a child, you got to think about that.

If you’re watching [or reading] this [interview], man, if you just be f—– h— just to f—, make sure she’s on birth control or make sure you got a condom on…

A kid is a lot of responsibility.

If my son [was in this studio], he’d be unplugging s—, would probably knock the tripod over. He’d be asking, “What’s this? What’s this? What’s this?” It is a lot of work, but it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, man.

It keeps me in the house; I ain’t out. I’m not focused on this; I’m not focused on that; I’m focused on building an empire.

I just love the fact that I have a kid. When I was younger, I didn’t really think about what having a kid would do to you, but actually having one? That s— changes your life for the better.

Online, it looks like you and your partner are really locked in. How has that relationship been?

We don’t have any other choice but to be locked in.

In this generation now, a lot of women brag about being single mothers. That s— is nothing to brag about. That’s just a lot of work.

I feel like females need a man, and a man needs a female. Y’all need to come together. Put your differences to the side. If you have a kid, y’all gotta raise that kid as a unit in the same household.

I come from [a] divorce[d household], and when I say that s— be eating me alive to this day? It does, man.

I’ve got a lot of childhood trauma I feel like I have in the back of my consciousness.

My dad and mom split up when I was like 11 years old. So from 11 to the present day, I’ve been really just teaching myself how to become a man because I don’t see my dad. He lives in a whole different state, so I’m teaching myself how to become a man, trying to make sure I’m doing the best I motherf—– can.

Are you going to marry your partner?

The engagement ring is on the way … what took me so long is, there’s a lot of s— us men have to put to the side when it comes to a female; none of them are going to be perfect … I’ve realized if you want some s— to grow, you have to water that s— and pour into it.

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