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How party host Boss Lady Ace controls a room, studio or pool

Radio personality commands respect

A party can be a difficult thing to keep lively in 2024. Most attendees have cellphones in their pockets to distract them from the anxiousness of socializing. Also, there’s a common fear of attendees being recorded and made fun of by strangers online. Most parties nowadays have people who stay to themselves or the people they came with.

This is where party host Boss Lady Ace comes in. A DJ’s primary job is to play music; however, as a host, Boss Lady Ace works to get the party started, interacting with the crowd to get people engaging with one another. That was the case at the LittyInDaCity SG Dash BG Ent. All-White Baddies Bash Pool Party on June 15 in Atlanta. Boss Lady Ace got everyone dancing, the ladies twerking, and the pool filled with partygoers.

Ace spoke to rolling out about her hosting career.

Where are you from?

I’m from Brooklyn, New York.

Do you live in Atlanta?

I’ve been in Atlanta for about five and half years. I think it’s almost time for me to go because the artists need me in other places. I done took over Atlanta already.

When did you first get into hosting?

I first got into hosting maybe three years ago. And it’s been my thing ever since I started with the radio situation. Everybody told me I had the voice for it.

How did you get into hosting?

Being a radio personality [at Black-owned radio station 104.9 FM, based in Clayton County, Georgia].

The voice that I have on the radio internationally made me feel more comfortable on the microphone in front of a crowd of people rather than just being behind a microphone, hiding in a building with a million people listening.

I enjoy it. I love it. I love being outside. I love being around a lot of different people because it helps you with networking.

What is it like being a woman in a male-dominated industry?

You have to be a strong-minded woman, and very powerful to be able to move in this industry, because once you show the sign of weakness, they know that any man in this industry could get over. One thing about me, celebrities, DJs promos, it doesn’t matter who they are, they know that I don’t play. Everything is about business. That’s one thing I’ve learned growing up in New York, being a hustler, you learn to be your own boss. Me being my own boss, nobody can ever get over me and some of these men will try. They’ll try to test you because you are beautiful woman, but I don’t play that. It’s a no-no over here.

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