Brandon Simpson

I’ve always been a talker and a communicator. This was before I stumbled into creating content and storytelling. It all started with parent teacher conference in kindergarten. Then it was 1st grade. Then 2nd and 3rd. Every year, teachers would always tell my parents the same thing. Brandon excels at getting his work done but he loves to talk to students and students enjoy him talking. After a while my mom said "Look as long as you're being respectful, I don't see you talking as a problem." Communication is something I take pride in and have a passion for. Whether it’s writing or speaking. Specifically, relaying information in a relatable way to all generations. Main reason why the younger generation do not care to learn or hear news is it is not told in their way. The old generation and the new generation learn obtain news very differently. I am here to bridge that gap soo we can connect our youth with insightful info while still keeping the old generation informed.

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