Writer Meredith Moore Crosby wants to help us all in ‘Getting Unstuck’

Writer Meredith Moore Crosby wants to help us all in 'Getting Unstuck'
Photo courtesy of Meredith Moore Crosby

Meredith Moore Crosby is an entrepreneur, mentor and motivational speaker who has supported senior leaders at major corporations in addressing the challenges women face in the workplace.

She achieved success by climbing the corporate ladder her way. She was a part of Don Thompson’s team during his rise to become the first African American CEO of the McDonald’s corporation. While traveling the world for McDonald’s philanthropy program, she discovered the many obstacles preventing women from advancing in leadership positions in large corporations.

In 2012, Crosby became the youngest director in McDonald’s history. She experienced firsthand the hardships women had to deal with. Crosby discovered her passion for motivating other women to achieve their career goals and decided to earn her coaching certification. She left corporate America and launched a company focusing on women in the workplace.

Although her focus is on women, Crosby is a career coach for all, who promotes inclusion and tapping into one’s goals.

In her book, Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward, she discusses how to move from where you are now to where you want to be and how to bring others along with you.

What inspired you to write the book?

I struggled to navigate through corporate America as I transitioned from being a single woman focused on my career to getting married and becoming a mother of two young sons. I was always optimistic about my career possibilities partly because I had the fortune of incredible mentors like Don Thompson, the first African American CEO of McDonald’s Corporation and the author of the foreword of the book.

My daily responsibilities in communications, philanthropy and diversity were focused on advancing women and people of color by creating programs to address the barriers while I was facing them. As an advocate for others who wanted to be fulfilled at work and home too, I wrote this book to help them find the confidence and courage to finally do what [they] want.

Name three things the reader should walk away with.

A framework for guiding values to know when you are on track or losing sight of your goals.
A strategy for identifying and attracting a mentor by clarifying what you want and need to move forward.
The inspiration to state your goals and dream big with a plan to make it happen.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I’m a speechwriter by trade so my writing flows like mini-speeches with clear, actionable strategies. I love quotes and stories to help the reader see my process and feel how I managed through different decisions at work.

What books have most impacted your life as a writer?

Valorie Burton’s books have helped me prioritize and break through when I didn’t have the time or resources to work directly with a coach. I’m featured in her book, Successful Women Think Differently, and having my story included has attracted incredible opportunities and people into my life.

What books are you currently reading?

I am a multitasking reader, that’s why my book is only 150 pages because I know millennials get distracted. Right now, I’m reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and The Work: My Search For A Life That Matters by Wes Moore.

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