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[caption id="attachment_1024637" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Teddy Riley - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] For those of us who grew up loving '90s music, Friday, April 27 with Teddy Riley at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta was the perfect kickoff to our weekend. The crowd had a great time. [caption id="attachment_1024623" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] Teddy Riley and Guy invited some very special friends to share the stage with them at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Our friend RL and the group N.E.X.T., Sisqo and his group Dru Hill, and Ginuwine hit the stage sounding better than ever. Of course, Riley had to do it big, as one year ago he had a big birthday party on the same stage and performed with Jodeci, rocking old tunes from the '90s. He wasn't sure if his invited big brother Aaron Hall was going to grace the stage with him, but last year Hall turned up and showed out with the fancy footwork and never disappoints on the vocals. For some reason, back then, Damion Hall wasn't able to make it (rumor had it that it was due to creative differences) but this year, everything turned around and the trio rocked the house as if they have been performing together the entire time. [caption id="attachment_1024620" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Damion Hall - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR[/caption] Damion Hall is in the best shape of his life. The host brought it to our attention that Guy has been around for the past 30 years. Teddy Riley expressed grattitude that after 30 years of doing music, the house was still packed with fans wanting to hear and see them perform. Now that's a blessing in this industry. [caption id="attachment_1024640" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Ginuwine - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR[/caption] Check out the photo gallery, after the break.

[caption id="attachment_1023590" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Karim Lateef and Tammy Rivera - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] Shante Traynham and Mimi Carpenter of Eyelash Vizion Marketing and Brand Agency has managed again to pull off a very successful night for the EP release party for Tammy Rivera (wife of Waka Flocka). Waka stood back watching like a proud husband letting his wife get her shine the entire evening surrounded by friends and fans of her music. Singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper Rico Love was the gracious host of the evening. [caption id="attachment_1023602" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Rico Love, Tammy Rivera and Guest - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] Music played all night from Tammy Rivera's new banger EP and we were not disappointed. Martell USA was the spirit drink sponsor of the evening who also provided very tasty bites to eat throughout the entire evening. Towards the end, a few close friends made small speeches about their memories with Rivera growing up and now 30 years later all her dreams of being an artist are coming true. Rico Love said, "At first when I was approached about being a part of this EP project, I thought it was all about some 'Love and Hi-Hop' scenario and being true to my brand I was thinking, wow, but then someone played me her song and when I heard one line of her singing I was really like ok she's the real deal." [caption id="attachment_1023605" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Shaunte and Mimi of Eyelash Vizion-- Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] It's crazy to think that all this success for Rivera came after her nearly loosing her marriage to divorce less than two years ago. Waka Flocka was not going to let that happen and he fought very hard publicly even for his family. Not long ago afterwards, Tammy decided to step out on faith and focus on her music career and she released her single "All these Kisses" which sold over a million units and became a platinum single. Tammy was so ecstatic she took it straight to her Instagram to express her gratitude and encouraged others to never let anyone stop them from pursuing their dreams. [caption id="attachment_1023610" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Waka Flocka- Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] Congrats to Rivera on a wonderful night of celebration. Check out the photos, after the break.

[caption id="attachment_1023567" align="aligncenter" width="476"] Gabrielle Union - Photo Credit Paras Griffin[/caption] At a private screening for Breaking In in Atlanta, Gabriel Union and Will Packer were joined by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, producer Jaime Primak Sullivan and James Lopez. Jaime Primak Sullivan and James Lopez signed on to Will Packer Productions officially in 2017. In attendance for the pre-screening were celebrity/rapper Jim Jones, Falcon star Devontae Freeman, music super producer The Dream, actress/singer Deborah Joy Winans, actor Lamman Rucker, indie artists Kourtni Myers, Akbar V, rapper Translee, Nick Grant, Sister Circle TV hosts Kiana Dancie and Syleena Johnson, Egypt Sherrod, DJ Fadelf, singer Major and Sandy Lomax. Breaking In is about a mother (Gabriel Union) who would do anything to save her children during a home invasion. We are going to see Union doing stunts and getting down and dirty like we have never seen her before. Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Levi Meaden, and Mark Furze were really giving Union a run for her money. Also, behind every strong mother is the daughter she is raising to be just like her. Ajiona Alexis did an excellent job as the scared daughter listening to her mom every step of the way to get out of this crazy situation. Will Packer was brilliant for deciding to release this movie on Mother's Day weekend in line with the theme. Please save the release date, May 11, on your calendar and be sure to check out this thriller and see Gabriel Union in rare form. Check out the photo gallery, after the break.

[caption id="attachment_1022816" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Kourtni Myers- Photo Credit Sean Cokes Artistry[/caption] Jagged Edge came out of hybernation in 2018 when they broke TV One's ratings records when their "Unsung" episode aired. The "Where the Party At?" artists have been stirring up noise in the studio, producing some rap music bangers with and for the female rap artist who goes by the stage name of Kourtni Myers. While growing up in Fort Myers, Florida, she performed at all the local hot spots but wasn't getting the star power she was seeking. It was time to move on. Rolling out sat down with Myers to find out why she moved to Atlanta to "blow up." How long have you been rapping and performing? I've been writing raps and performing since high school. My first song was titled "Bonnie & Clyde." I started writing the lyrics to my favorite songs on the radio; then, from there poems. I just was really writing lyrics. I grew up in a Christian background and wasn't allowed to listen to hip-hop. I think that's what made me fall for writing lyrics so much. At what age did you know you wanted this to be your professional career? I would say my early teens. I used to go to the teen clubs and stand around with the guys and freestyle battle. I would be the only female over there giving them a run for their money and none of it was prewritten lyrics. I would be calling out the way they look, their clothes and style, just to show them it was off the head. How did you meet Jagged Edge? Once I met Brian out and about in Atlanta and I told him I rapped, he asked me to send him some music. Of course, I keep a catalog of records complete. He told me he liked what he heard and invited me to the studio, and I would be in there writing on the spot -- knocking songs out one after the next. It wasn't long after that until he introduced me to the rest of the gang. What was it about you that made them want to pursue you as their official artist?  You mean besides me being just a dope female rapper? I would have to say, I think because my background is pretty dope, as well. I'm bi-racial; my dad's white and my mom is Black. Growing up in Florida, I grew up with a wide range of genres. A lot of people don't know this but I listen to a lot of alternative and reggae music. When you have a real love for music, you can never just limit yourself to one genre and that plays a major part in the way I create and view music. Plus, I think they just really wanted to get into producing rap records, so it was all just perfect timing. What advice would you give to other new artists about this business? Try to come up with your own style or sound. You never want people to hear your work and tell you how much you sound like the next person. It's more of an impact when people hear your music and they are like, "Whoa, who is that?" It's also important to create a buzz that makes them keep their eyes on you rather than you always doing the chasing. What is it that you like about working with Jagged Edge? It's a vibe thing too when it comes to creating. It's all vibes. You can't make good records without feeling comfortable. Plus, the music Jagged Egde produced for me so far has people saying, "Wow. That's produced by Jagged Edge?" It's a daily learning experience for me that I truly treasure. Tell us a little about your next big project (music video) and the song you are about to drop. I can't wait to start my project T.O.M (12-12-12). It's going to be very close to me. It's like my baby. I was a victim to a shooting on that day and almost lost my life. I have decided to air out more of that tragic night. That date is history to me because their will never be another day where the numbers are all the same. That day made the news and so did I. I'm blessed to be here, which I will be expressing in this project. What is the new single? What make this song the one? I personally at first wanted to run with another record, but I was persuaded into doing a record that will "separate me from the others as a female," says Jagged Edge. I feel it's important to let the world know it's not all about shopping, men, and being cute and the more I think about it, I'm now convinced the guys are right. I'm so excited to bring to y'all  the single titled "SLUMS." I've been through so much and can't wait to share this with the world in hopes to touch a few. I love people and I love my audience. I want to just thank you for doing this interview. [caption id="attachment_1022818" align="aligncenter" width="549"] Kourtni Myers- Photo Credit Sean Cokes Artistry[/caption] Follow Kourtni Myers on social media and all music platforms @kourtnimyers. Check out the photos, after the break.

[caption id="attachment_1022531" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams -Photo Credit Jonell Media PR[/caption] "Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta" cast member Jessica Dime has been getting much attention lately with her growing baby bump. I'm sure this trumps the past attention she was getting from bickering with former cast member Joseline Hernandez, known as the "Puerto Rican Princess," who referred to Dimepiece as "dime/penny." Recently, she celebrated her baby shower with her fiancé Shawne Williams. There's something different about their love. It seems very old fashioned and real. [caption id="attachment_1022534" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Momma Dee, Deelishis, Stevie J, Mimi Faust, and Cierra - Photo Credit Jonell Media Pr via Steed Media[/caption] It wasn't surprising that most of the cast of the show, including Mimi Faust, Rasheeda Frost, Melissa, Karlie Redd, Cierra, Bambi, and Karen KK King, showed up for this all white themed shower that took place at a very posh event space in Gwinnett county, Georgia. Shawne's BFF Glen "Big Baby" Davis flew in for this event but someone didn't give him the "all white" memo. Special guest Deelishis was also looking great and in the building. Karlie Redd was the life of the party and someone appointed her to be in charge of the girls when it came to the games. I'm not surprised; she had the girls playing pregnant Twister in stilettos. We can always depend on Karlie to keep things fun and entertaining. [caption id="attachment_1022519" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Mimi Faust and the girls playing twista --Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] The food was provided by Atlanta's Chef Isaac, who started his career providing deliveries of his speciality drinks to the rappers at their video shoots and on location for most private productions. He now has a private location in Atlanta and provides full catering services. [caption id="attachment_1022509" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Yung Joc, Stevie J and Scrappy -Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption] The decor was amazing and the pretty in pink theme was easy on the eyes and came as no surprise as this baby shower followed a big reveal party Jessica and Shawne had a week prior to the all white shower with the cast. Jessica Dime's proud daddy was in the building along with Shawne's mom, the proud grandmother-to-be and lots of their family members. Stevie J, Yung Joc, Sean Garrett and Lil Scrappy looked great and were being very supportive cast mates during the event. [caption id="attachment_1022542" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Shawne Williams, Guest, Glen "Big Baby"Davis - Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media[/caption]   Check out the photo gallery, after the break.

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