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Michael B. Jordan responds to gay accusations

Michael B. Jordan is clapping back at his haters for sparking an online rumor that the Hollywood actor is gay. Jordan mentioned he has nothing against the LGBT community, but wants his voice to be heard loud and clear that

Ice Cube launches basketball league featuring retired NBA players

According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, film actor and rapper Ice Cube is co-founding a traveling 3-on-3 basketball league along with his longtime business partner Jeff Kwatinetz. Additionally, deputy executive director Roger Mason has resigned from his high-profile position at the NBPA (National

Rapper Troy Ave survives Brooklyn shooting

According to a recent report from New York City Alerts, Troy Ave (Roland Collins) was shot multiples times in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn around 5 p.m. on Christmas evening. The 31-year-old rap star was reportedly shot in the arm and

North Carolina is no longer a democracy

According to a new report from the Electoral Integrity Project, a collective effort between Harvard University and the University of Sydney, North Carolina can no longer be classified as a functioning democracy. The EIP rated the state’s electoral integrity for this year’s

A&E network axes KKK documentary over cash payments

This show just can’t catch a break. Executives at A&E network have decided to cancel its “Generation KKK” documentary after discovering the interview subjects participating in the project were compensated “nominal” payments by third-party field producers. The news came by

Midwestern state will classify school fights as felonies in 2017

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Missouri is ranked in the top three states, behind Florida and Mississippi, for the highest number of elementary school suspensions from 2011 to 2012. Since then, physical altercations have drastically increased. In an effort

Minnesota Vikings’ plane skids off runway

Christmas weekend for the Minnesota Vikings started on a slippery slope. On Friday, Dec. 23, the NFL team’s plane slid off the landing strip leaving players, staff and coaches trapped on the plane for three hours at the Appleton International Airport.

NFL security guard caught masturbating during game

A security guard was apparently discovered masturbating during a San Diego Chargers game against the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday at Qualcomm Stadium. The man was caught pleasuring himself while facing the cheerleaders who were a couple feet away. An

Kanye West cancels European tour

Kanye West was hospitalized last month for stress and exhaustion causing him to cancel the remaining dates of his U.S. Saint Pablo tour. The news left his fans in the States heartbroken and now his overseas following is about to feel

Drake and J Lo reportedly dating; Rihanna isn’t happy

Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been getting rather cozy lately, and sources close them told TMZ they believe a romance is blossoming between the two. Drizzy has a reputation for dating older women, like his exes Serena Williams, Tyra Banks, Tatyana

TSA agent pats CNN commentator’s vagina, twice; makes her cry

CNN commentator Angela Rye shared a video of her receiving an invasive pat-down from TSA. The intense body search consisted of Rye having her skirt lifted and her genitals, hair, shoulders, arms, back and torso patted several times leaving her humiliated

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