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Tiana Bell dropped out of school to follow her dreams

Unlike most 23-year-olds, Tiana Bell has found her calling in life. The Detroit native found her passion in the hair industry when she was only 18 years old. When Bell realized she not only could see herself as a salon

Alexya Garcia is an electro-pop rising star

Alexya Garcia is a Los Angeles based entertainer whose love for music, dancing and acting has her on the journey to being the next big electro-pop star. Garcia was a part of Fabulous Girls, a girl group featuring Master P’s daughter Cymphonique

Alonzo Arnold is the go-to stylist for great hair

Alonzo Arnold is the Atlanta-based celebrity hairstylist that has taken over the Atlanta hair scene. At only 25 years old, he has made his mark in the hair industry. Arnold specializes in making wigs, selling hair extensions, and much more. In

Jenna Nia found her niche with Imme Collection

After graduating from college, Jenna Nia decided to invest in herself and her love for fashion and entrepreneurship. Before launching Imme Collection, which has been worn by a number of popular celebrities, Nia took a detour into reality TV. Read

Jasmine Shaw wants to help entrepreneurs grow their brands

Jasmine Shaw, who is also known as Hello Barbie, is making it her mission to help entrepreneurs not only find their niche but to rebuild and sustain a long-lasting personal or business brand. Shaw has been an entrepreneur for many

Kemetria started Lilly’s Kloset with $2,500

In 2012, Kemetria Lilly found herself in a state of uncertainty about her future. Being a recent college graduate, she struggled to find her purpose in the world and didn’t know how to step out of her comfort zone. Always

Bee Brown talks public relations and rebranding Detroit

Bee Brown has made it her mission to help millennial entrepreneurs to not only have a successful business but educate them as well. The Bee Agency is not your typical public relations firm and Brown’s just getting started. We’re kicking off

10 inspiring girl bosses to follow on social media

Every “girl boss” needs motivation every now and then to keep pushing when things get tough. In this day and age, social media is essential in our everyday lives and who to follow is literally a tab on Instagram. If

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