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Media maven Dyana Williams is a devoted ambassador for Black music

By Cassidy Sparks / March 31, 2020

Ferdinand Delavega of Comerica Bank shares his role models for success

By Cassidy Sparks / March 30, 2020

How algorithms are transforming discrimination, part 1

By Danielle Adrianna Davis, Esq. / March 30, 2020

General Motors development engineer Eric Fonville has 20 patents to his credit

By Porsha Monique / March 29, 2020

Reporter Cherri Gregg shares how Maya Angelou impacts her daily life

By Cassidy Sparks / March 29, 2020

David J. Albritton is General Motors Defense’s innovation leader

By Porsha Monique / March 29, 2020

Romina Brown, CEO of SSI, explains how data impacts the Black hair community

By Cassidy Sparks / March 29, 2020

Mother-daughter duo, Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin, solve hair woes for girls

By Cassidy Sparks / March 29, 2020

Author Tonya Bolden knows how to combat negative stereotypes of Black women

By Cassidy Sparks / March 28, 2020

Google provides specific do’s and don’ts for businesses during health crisis

By rolling / March 27, 2020

Tech entrepreneur Anthara Patrice creates beauty appointment app

By Cassidy Sparks / March 27, 2020

Entrepreneurial maverick McDonald’s owner Gale Hill says be authentic and agile

By Porsha Monique / March 27, 2020

Baltimore museum exec Damika Baker-Wilson reveres Black female historymakers

By Cassidy Sparks / March 26, 2020

Dudley Corp. CEO Ursula Dudley Oglesby discusses continuing her parents’ legacy

By Cassidy Sparks / March 25, 2020

Angela Hawkins created Bamblu to transform sleep habits

By Cassidy Sparks / March 25, 2020

Donna Doleman Dickerson of GreenPath shares money tips during financial crisis

By Cassidy Sparks / March 23, 2020

Macy’s CFO Paula Price advises pushing through adversity to move up in rank

By Porsha Monique / March 21, 2020

Robin Beaman gives insight on how companies win with diversity

By A.R. Shaw / March 21, 2020

Afro-Latina beauty CEO Aisha Crump discusses cultural brand advantages

By Cassidy Sparks / March 21, 2020

Joni Thrower-Davis is a lawyer, McDonald’s owner and historymaker

By Porsha Monique / March 21, 2020