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Suge Knight opens up about his relationship with Snoop

Suge Knight is ready to talk. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Death Row Records founder spoke about his current relationship with one of the stars that launched his former label into orbit. Snoop “Doggy” Dogg released his debut album 20 years ago, and Suge says that no one knew that they had a future superstar on their hands.

The new ‘Arsenio Hall Show’ is full of ’90s nostalgia, but is he still hip?

The now 57-year old host is no longer the young(ish), hip upstart that he was when he originally debuted in 1989–but he’s still quick-witted and cavalier. Ever the affable persona, Hall still retained a bit of the charisma he had in his heyday. It’s slightly regrettable that the night was full of guests and references that wallowed in Clinton-era reminiscing.

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