Dr. Dona Kim Murphey discusses health advocacy for imprisoned populations

Dr. Dona Kim Murphey is a neuroscientist and neurologist, community organizer, and historian of science. She is the director of scientific affairs at CortiCare, an EEG diagnostics company and the director of medical initiatives for Project Lifeline. Murphey, who was clinically suspected of having COVID-19 but later tested negative, works to mitigate the harm of […]

Catrina Pullum is a visionary leader, disrupter and ‘chain breaker’ 

Catrina Pullum is the founder of PullCorp Media and Business Consulting Group. As a strategist and an executive producer, her goal is to create a platform for women to share their stories through the arts. Pullum is actively involved with charitable organizations, including as a board member of hip-hop legend MC Lyte’s Educate Our Men […]

Gabrielle Union dedicates her #WCW to inspire women

Gabrielle Union posts one thoughtful post a week on her Instagram account as part of her Woman Crush Wednesday series — in which she praises one “dope woman” every Wednesday — and has said her decision to start the series came as she wanted to fight back against the online trolls who are “committed” to tearing people down. “You […]

Tashima Dukes: A tireless advocate for children in foster care

Children across the United States who are traumatized, neglected, abused and abandoned wind up in the foster care system. According to the Administration for Children and Families, a  division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,  437,500 children were in the foster care in 2016. Tashima Dukes was once one of those children, […]

William ‘Dock’ Walls hopes his talk walks him directly into the mayor’s seat

When in the presence of William “Dock” Walls, especially after having the opportunity to watch him address a crowd, one can’t help but wonder, “Why isn’t this man in elected office?” A Chicago native with a law degree and an entrepreneurial background, Walls has a long history of community activism balanced with a political pedigree […]

Wrongly convicted boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter dies at 76

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the boxer famously convicted for murder and spent 19 years in prison before the charges were dismissed, has died at age 76. According to numerous reports, Carter died of prostate cancer early this morning at his home in Toronto. Carter founded the nonprofit organization Innocence International in Toronto to assist inmates who are possibly wrongly convicted.

Top 15 gay cities in America in 2013

The annual gayest city in America has been released — and shockingly San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are somehow absent from the list. The criteria for what makes a great gay city is fluid and in constantly flux, according to the organizers of this yearly list. Take a look at what is considered […]

HIV Advocate Lisa Britt Has a Message For You

Lisa Britt is an advocate for HIV prevention. She is an African American woman living with HIV in Atlanta, one the more than one million people in the U.S. living with the disease. Diagnosed with HIV in 2003, she encountered the virus through unprotected sex with her then-boyfriend, a man she describes as being in […]