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Catrina Pullum is a visionary leader, disrupter and ‘chain breaker’ 

Catrina Pullum (Photo provided)

Catrina Pullum is the founder of PullCorp Media and Business Consulting Group. As a strategist and an executive producer, her goal is to create a platform for women to share their stories through the arts.

Pullum is actively involved with charitable organizations, including as a board member of hip-hop legend MC Lyte’s Educate Our Men Scholarship Fund. She also serves as director of operations for The Lady General Foundation and is a staunch advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Pullum has received honors from former President Barack Obama, members of Congress, state representatives and others.

As a Black woman, what are your superpowers?

[I’m a] visionary and a chain breaker. I believe my God-given role is to push others into their purpose. I also have the gift of discernment, which helps me to know which projects to undertake and which things to walk away from. As a chain breaker, I serve as a disrupter to the chaos and defeat in an individual’s life.

What key qualities make you unique as an African American female leader? 

My ability to impart and mentor the rare jewels that individuals have overlooked. Being able to possess a clear vision, along with [having] integrity, honesty and humility, makes me unique. What sets me apart is developing and equipping my mentees to be better than myself. Click here to continue.

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