10 contemporary Black poets to read today

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate and inform, here is a list of 10 of the best and most influential living Black poets. Furthermore, we’ve included the title of some of the most famous work written by each. Jericho Brown The Pulitzer Prize winner is one of the most important voices in modern poetry. […]

5 classic books that explore race and feminism

Black women are criminally unrepresented in the publishing world. Despite this, Black women have written some of the most influential works of literature in American history. Here are five classic books by Black women that you’ve got to read or reread before the end of Black History Month.Passing by Nella Larsen Nella Larsen’s Passing follows Irene Redfield […]

Alice Walker, Chaka Khan honored at Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Summit

Black Enterprise opened its annual Women of Power Summit with the Legacy Awards. Held at The Mirage in Las Vegas, the event honored several women who have achieved success in business, entertainment, literature and theology. Earl “Butch” Graves Jr., president and CEO of Black Enterprise, opened the ceremony by welcoming the 1,500 attendees who were present […]

4 times Alice Walker checked ‘the White man’ and you missed it

Alice Walker is an African American novelist, poet, and activist. She is most famous for her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Color Purple. In addition to her noteworthy works, she is a known activist and womanist, upholding and honoring the female experience. This is made evident as she usually portrays an African American female lead in her […]

BronzeLens Festival opens with Alice Walker documentary

The 4th Annual BronzeLens Festival opened on Wednesday, Nov. 6 with a screening of the documentary Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth and a talk back section with the literary lioness. The compelling documentary tells the story of Alice Walker’s journey from a shack in rural Georgia to being one of the most prolific writers of […]

‘The Butler’ and other blockbuster movies with all-black casts

Black films hosts predominantly Black casts but have found success with largely non-black audiences worldwide. Check out a few blockbusters with black casts. Notice any actors or actresses who have found success in multiple movies on this list? –Joi Pearson @JoiAPearson Above, Lee Daniels: The Butler is the latest feature from the Weinstein company. It stars Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding, […]

Pioneers in the African American gay community

Jason Collins He is first African American male who admitted to being gay while still playing in the NBA. Jason plays for the Washington Wizards. At the end of this season he will be a free agent.  He wears the number 98 in memory of a hate crime against a young gay male. Jason Collins […]

Famous HBCU Graduates

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are pretty much synonymous with greatness. It is no accident that HBCUs graduate African American students in science, medicine and mathematics at a much higher percentage than at other institutions of higher learning, and that a higher percentage of students go onto to become prominent figures or go on to enjoy award-winning […]

‘Color Purple’ Novelist Alice Walker Risks Her Life for Humanity

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker risked her life this week to join a flotilla of boats on a humanitarian mission to Gaza, and she compared the controversial journey to the struggle of black Americans in the ’60s. “Fifty years ago there was hard-core segregation in the South, very similar to what is happening in Gaza,” […]

Taprena Augustine Stars in ‘The Color Purple’ Musical

Taprena Augustine tugs at fans’ hearts in her role as the sultry songstress, Shug Avery, in “The Color Purple,” the musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.  The talented actress and singer has been touring the U.S. and Canada for the past year and a half and looks forward to traveling to other continents. […]