Cardi B shuts down claims that she uses a nanny

Cardi B won’t hire a babysitter until she finds someone “trustworthy.” The 27-year-old rapper has 15-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari with her husband Offset and has said that despite her hectic career, she doesn’t rely on nannies to look after her child, because she can’t find anyone she trusts enough to leave them alone with her daughter. […]

Toddler burned and beaten for wetting herself; sitter faces felony charges

Aniyah Darnell, 2, has become one of the tragic stories about a Black child dead due to abuse. The toddler was left by her mother in the care of Shamonica Page sometime in August 2018. That decision would prove fatal some four months later after a coroner revealed the child suffered from burns and bruises under […]

Update: Babysitter gives reason for dumping child at wrong house

The babysitter who was seen abandoning a child at a stranger’s home in a now-viral video wants her side of the story told. The video was released last week by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Spring, Texas, in an attempt to find the woman and identify the child. It was later discovered that the […]

Shocking video shows babysitter dumping toddler at stranger’s door 

A recent video released to the public by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has gone viral. It shows an unidentified woman arriving at a home in Spring, Texas, with bags and a 2-year-old-boy. Shockingly, she knocks on the door of the home and then runs away, leaving the child alone. The homeowner immediately […]

Why this Missouri man deserved to be beaten with a piece of furniture

A betrayal of trust and the sexual abuse of a toddler have led to what some would call a justifiable beating and the subsequent arrest of a Missouri man. Jayson Newlun, 26, was a guest at the residence of his friends in North Kansas City, Missouri and had been at the home several days last […]

Obese Babysitter Collapses, Baby Found Dead Beneath Her

Michael Baldwin II of Long Island, N.Y., knew there was something wrong when his babysitter wasn’t returning his phone calls. He rushed home from taping his local TV show “Diverse Long Island,” to find the babysitter, 39-year-old Teresa Coffey, slumped over on the couch. Baldwin frantically searched his home for his 1-month-old son, Michael Baldwin III, […]

Black Child Listed for Sale on eBay for $1K: Her Cousin Posted the Ad

Autumn Braden, 20,  of Grand Rapids, Mich., was arrested after police received several calls from around the country about a listing placed on eBay offering a 2-year-old child for $1,000. Autumn, who had been babysitting the child for her cousin, admitted her involvement, but insisted it was a hoax. She told authorities she never intended […]