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Update: Babysitter gives reason for dumping child at wrong house

Keairra Woods (Image Source: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)

The babysitter who was seen abandoning a child at a stranger’s home in a now-viral video wants her side of the story told. The video was released last week by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Spring, Texas, in an attempt to find the woman and identify the child.

It was later discovered that the babysitter meant to drop off Royal Simmons, 2, at his father’s house. Instead, she was seen dragging the child along by the arm to the wrong house. She then rang the bell, knocked on the door, darted away and drove off without the child.

The resident at the home called the police and Child Protective Services took the boy into their custody. The child was identified by his father a few hours later when police canvassed the neighborhood for answers. It is unclear whether Child Protective Services has reunited the child with his mother or father at this time.

According to ABC-13 News, the woman has been identified as Keairra Woods, and she wanted to tell her side of the story to the public. Woods stated that the boy’s mother asked her to drop him off, claiming the boy’s stepmother has a restraining order against the mother. Woods did not know any of the people involved and, according to her, wanted to avoid any conflict.

She told ABC-13 that she was on the phone with the mom and was relying on her description of what the house looked like where she was to drop off the child. She is quoted as saying, “That should have let you know I was at the wrong house then because you know your baby daddy don’t drive so many cars. Okay, so I ring the doorbell, the lady walks like halfway to the door. That’s when I took off running. And the only reason I took off running was because it was chilly outside, and I didn’t have no sweater on, as you can see in the video.”

She went on to again blame the mother for the bad directions. “At the end of the day, y’all trying to blame me, but it was really the mother’s fault. I’m just an innocent bystander.”

At this time, law enforcement has not made a decision about whether to charge Woods with child endangerment.

The video can be seen by clicking here.

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