The Busy Witch’s Planner by Tonya A. Brown

Witches are on the go! If we are not living out our day-to-day lives, balancing home life and work, we’re organizing rituals and keeping track of spells. The Busy Witch’s Planner is a journal-style planner that not only helps you keep track of appointments and important dates but encourages you to plan out your long-term […]

‘Rahzaq: The Realest Story Never Told’ by Tawine Moka Prunty

Rahzaq: The Realest Story Never Told is based on the author’s life. At birth he was Jamile H. L. Myers. However, due to a bitter breakup between his loving mother, Joanne Prunty and his father, Hubert Lee Myers, before he was able to speak, his mom changed his name to Rahzaq Prunty. This story takes […]

Okey Ndibe’s ‘Foreign Gods Inc.’ shatters the American dream

In a time of great political division, many citizens feel as though we live in two different Americas. In the first of these two Americas, success is possible for anyone who works hard enough. In the second, upward mobility is nearly impossible. Okey Ndibe’s, Foreign Gods Inc., explores the latter. The novel focuses on the […]

Jacqueline Woodson’s ‘Red at the Bone’ unpacks the trauma of youth development

Though popularly known for middle grade and young adult literature, Jacqueline Woodson proves time and time again that she can also write compelling work for older audiences. Woodson’s Red at the Bone, released in September of 2019, records the journey of 16-year-old Melody’s family back three generations. The story’s narrative shows the complex ways in which […]

Author Ingrid Crumby shares inspiration behind ‘Hadassah and the Tree of Life’

As a child growing up in Toledo, Ohio, Ingrid Crumby learned to escape and survive the hardships she faced through her vivid imagination. Today, the author is using her imagination to create new worlds and universes on paper and fire up the literary world. Crumby, who has an education degree from Bowling Green State University […]

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