Social media memes Miami Dolphins’ new biracial hire

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, who had been fired in January, filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan Feb. 1, charging the Dolphins, Giants, Broncos and the NFL with discrimination against black head coaches and executives. (Adrian Curiel/Unsplash)

Much has been made about the NFL‘s lack of diversity in head coaching hires, as highlighted in former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the league. On Feb. 7, Miami officially announced the hire of Mike McDaniel, the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator. McDaniel identifies as biracial, as his father and paternal grandmother are […]

Black family attacked by a White woman in Berkeley who lies to cops (video)

It seems that each week we bear witness to viral videos and stories of White people being blatantly racist to people of color. The season kicked off with the infamous BBQBetty at the start of spring and continued through the hot summer months. The latest story of #Hello911TheyBlack took place in Berkeley, California. It was […]

Lenny Kravitz on race, God and spreading love through music

Twenty-nine years after releasing his debut album, Lenny Kravitz is still letting love rule, but with an eye towards societal strife that continues to go unchecked. The multi-Grammy Award winning musician brings forth a conscious body of work with Raise Vibration, his eleventh studio album, out September 7. The first single off the Raise Vibration […]

From Germany to the US, Ledom’s modeling career takes off

Biracial model Ledom was born in Germany and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. People constantly commenting on his physical appearance spurred him to book his first photo shoot as a teenager. The photo shoot was a success and he became a local celebrity on the runway. He always had interest in the world of entertainment. This passion to be in the […]

Son beats and shoots father for protecting his biracial grandkids

A grandfather in Jackson, Mississippi, showed just how much he loved his biracial grandkids by almost paying with his life. Craig Wilson let his grandchildren stay over his house for a visit but this did not sit well with his stepson. The stepson, Jeff Daniels already had heated arguments regarding the grandkids. Wilson told his son, […]

Biracial television celebrities

It’s surprising to see the number of biracial stars on the television screen. Can you name a few? Check out seven television celebrities who bring allure and appeal into our homes with their biracial good looks.

Author Kathleen Cross shares experience of growing up biracial

Novelist and journalist Kathleen Cross is comfortable with who she is as the product of a biracial marriage, but she is absolutely repulsed by that undying monstrosity of a social norm says her light-skin accords her advantages in society over her darker-hued contemporaries. Uttering ignorant phrases such as “good hair” and “red-bone” and “she’s pretty […]

Photographer Joi Pearson shares story of growing up biracial

Photographer Joi Peason is an amalgamation of cultures and ethnicities that today gives her an enriched and enviable perspective on life and a unique insight on international affairs that her peer group cannot claim. However, when she was young, the Hampton, Va., native may have sometimes felt like she was hovering in a cultural “no-fly […]

5 reasons millennials are more accepting of interracial dating

Like Jay-Z once said, the numbers don’t lie. That is especially true of interracial relationships and marriages in the new millennium. Though interracial dating has proven to still be a minefield on occasion, interracial marriages nationally have more than quadrupled to 1.4 million since 1970, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  Millennials are different from their […]

49ers Colin Kaepernick: Then and now

Colin Rand Kaepernick, 25, is a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. He graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and played college football for the University of Nevada-Reno Wolf Pack, where he made quite an impression in the 2011 Senior Bowl and proved worthy enough to be drafted by the 49ers in the second […]

Svenya Nimmons Pens Book About Biracial Identity

While we envision ourselves as having moved past the point of light skin vs. dark skin, there’s another category of sorts — other or biracial. The issue was so prevalent in author Svenya Nimmons’ life of growing up in Charlotte, N. C., with brown skin, curly hair, a Swedish name and a Southern accent, that […]