Devonte Johnson brings oral health care to Uganda

Courtesy of Charlie Parks Uganda is considered one of the youngest nations in the world with over half of the population being children. With a population being rich in culture but poor in necessities, there are less than 300 dentists to serve a population of over 33 million. A staggering fact that leaves one dentist […]

Poet and author Kondwani Fidel shares his journey

For some, it started with a video of substitute teacher spitting a powerful spoken-word about his life in a classroom that instantly went viral, but for now-23-year-old Kondwani Fidel, his moment started long before that. The Baltimore native is a writer, speaker and poet who is traveling the world to touch lives with his story. […]

‘Brown Girl Bloggers’ creator shares her journey, gives helpful tips

Courtesy of Blogging has become an essential factor for not only creative minds but creative companies in order to further express what it is they’re selling and to engage their audience on a personal level. With content everywhere, one millennial noticed the lack of women of color who are in those spaces and thriving. Candice VanWye, […]

Meet 2 young entrepreneurs beating the odds with Appealed Design clothing line

Adrian Winston and Darin Wyly launched the clothing line Appealed Design in hopes of inspiring others to persevere despite life’s obstacles. Winston and Wyly are not only receiving recognition for their merchandise but the message behind it. The pair has received awards such as the Nashville’s Top 40 under 40 and a feature on ESPN. Here, […]

Black, millennial, live in the South? HIV risk your new reality

The recent announcement that HIV rates in Atlanta are similar to those in some African nations caused concern for many. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released data that shows the lifetime risk of HIV diagnoses by state and unfortunately the Deep South and D.C. lead the way. The experts have stated that HIV infection […]