Michael Jackson impersonator puts attacker in chokehold (video)

Michael Jackson once told Paul McCartney in a song that he’s “a lover not a fighter,” but an MJ impersonator in Las Vegas obviously doesn’t share that sentiment. The impersonator, appropriately named Santana Jackson, saw that a man looked like he “Wanna be startin’ somethin’.” Therefore, it was “Human Nature” for the street entertainer to […]

Sheriff says cop was justified in body-slamming 11-year-old ‘troublemaker’

A Florida cop will not face disciplinary action after a video shows him body slamming an 11-year-old student. Deputy Diederech Hueck was caught on video Tuesday, April 9, 2019, chasing after a student, who he lifted up and slammed to the ground at Lincoln Park Academy in Fort Pierce, Florida. Now, Sheriff Ken Mascara has […]

School cop body slams Black child during fight, leaves White child alone

Recently, a video surfaced of two students, one White and one Black, fighting at Rawlinson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. A school safety officer is seen in the video breaking up the fight and choosing to single out the Black child, slamming him face first into the ground. The White child is allowed to walk away […]

Texas cop disciplined for slamming girl to ground

A video uploaded to YouTube last week created a firestorm on social media. It shows San Antonio, Texas, school resource officer Joshua Kehm throwing middle school student Janissa Valdez, 12, to the ground, slamming her head into concrete.  When the video emerged online, an outcry arose from not only the parent of the girl but from […]

Video of boy who body slams female bully goes viral

[jwplatform a4RyWmr0] A video of a young Black student being bullied and attacked by a larger White girl is going viral, thanks to social media. The male student identified only as Judah apparently had enough mistreatment and took matters into his own hands.

GoFundMe account growing for Spring Valley High victim

The video of a Black female student being viciously assaulted by former school resource officer Ben Fields outraged many throughout the country. Seeing the teen body-slammed and tossed across the room was disturbing to many. But no one was more traumatized than the victim of the attack. It was later revealed that the young girl, named […]

Plies gets body slammed offstage

[jwplatform 5XG4hjGe] A fan grabbed Plies by the waist and slammed him to the ground after the fan was physically assaulted by Plies