How you can help Ju’Nea Turner, single mom assaulted by her boss over $8.47

Last week, rolling out was the first media outlet to have an exclusive interview with Ju’Nea Turner, a single Black mom violently assaulted and injured by her immigrant Korean boss over an $8.47 refund to a customer. She was unjustly fired and soon became another victim of people who feel they can assault and harass […]

Doo Wan Lee, is in deep doo-doo after pushing Black worker

On May 18, 2018, Korean immigrant and business owner Doo Wan Lee made a decision that has changed his life forever. Doo is the owner of the once prosperous Doo’s Seafood and Deli, that once had 3 locations in the metro Atlanta area. He sold two of his stores and now owns only the location in Snellville, […]

How the Korean boss who assaulted Black worker over $8.47 may be in cuffs today

On Monday, rolling out reported the assault of a woman by her Korean boss at an Atlanta metro area takeout restaurant. A video recorded by a customer named Markus Moultrie showed Mr. Lee, the owner of Doo’s Seafood and Deli located in Snellville, Georgia, violently assault Ju’Nea Turner, an employee and single mom of two. According […]

Korean business owner slaps Black worker over refund (video)

The city of Snellville, Georgia, is located about 40 minutes from the heart of downtown Atlanta. It is a diverse city and many immigrants have been able to open a business or buy homes in the area. One such immigrant couple is Mr. and Mrs. Lee who opened Doo’s Seafood. According to the company’s website, the couple […]