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Easter Sunday

Best Easter movies for the entire family

Other holidays, such as  Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving, have so many movies surrounding them, but what about Easter?  After everyone has attended Easter service, enjoyed

Steve Stephens is in Pennsylvania, authorities say

Steve Stephens, the alleged Facebook killer from Cleveland, is somewhere in the state of Pennsylvania as his cellphone may have given law enforcement clues to his approximate whereabouts. Stephens’ cellphone

Nail art designs for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 2014 is approaching and ladies are headed to the nail salon to get their nails together for their Sunday’s best outfit. Let the

Jesus walks; Jesus-inspired fashion looks

Guess who’s trending? Jesus.  Just in time for Easter. Jesus will always be the leader of everything beautiful. When they say God is in the details,

The funniest Easter viral videos

Easter is an excellent holiday for kids and families. Easter egg hunt, barbecue, and picnics, but everything doesn’t run smoothly as planned. Check out a

Easter Sunday mimosa recipes

This Sunday is Easter and what better way to start your gathering then with a fresh Mimosa! This beverage is tasty and easy to make.

Top 7 Recipes for Easter Sunday Dinner

Breaking a fast after the 40-day holy season, Lent, is a time to celebrate your steadfastness with food and fellowship. We’ve provided seven great recipes

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