Snoop Dogg blasts Facebook for ban of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Facebook has caused a backlash after announcing the ban of Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. On May 2, the social media giant announced that Minister Farrakhan would be banned for using anti-Semitic language. After the ban was announced, Snoop Dogg shared his displeasure with a post on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. […]

Minister Farrakhan gives powerful tribute to Nipsey Hussle at Marathon Store

Minister Louis Farrakhan arrived at The Marathon Store on the afternoon of April 10 with dozens of Nation of Islam members in tow. On a day when Nipsey Hussle’s music blasted through speakers throughout most of the afternoon, the music and crowd fell silent as Farrakhan made his way to the makeshift memorial in honor of the […]

Biggest hits and misses from the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March

Twenty years after the historical Million Man March, Black men, women, and children from across the country celebrated the anniversary by meeting at the National Mall on Oct. 11. The march served as barometer for the issues that continue to affect Blacks two decades after the initial march. Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a riveting two-hour […]

Million Man March rally: Chief predicts violence against police and White people

A startling newsletter was released by the Protective Services Bureau of the Division of Intelligence and Information Analysis within the U.S. Capitol Police regarding the upcoming “Justice or Else” rally. The newsletter was sent in September 2015 and obtained by the Washington Post. The document states Nation of Islam leader, the Hon. Min.  Louis Farrakhan “has […] CEO Crystal Smith on the Black church and Min. Farrakhan

Crystal Smith is the CEO of and Joy105 magazine. Her digital magazine covers a wide range of issues in the Black church. Whether it is HIV in the pews or Min. Louis Farrakhan, Smith has an opinion that many will find Christian and refreshing. We asked this busy entrepreneur a few questions about the Black church […]

Professor Earle C. Mitchell III: How we view Min. Farrakhan and his message

Lincoln College of Technology professor Earle C. Mitchell is a highly respected Black intellectual  as well as a mentor and scholar of African and African American studies. Mitchell is the author  of  Egyptian Origins of Washington, D.C.  He holds a bachelor’s from Morehouse College, and his master’s in African-American studies from Clark Atlanta University. Rolling out […]

Why are Black preachers in Charleston scared of Farrakhan

The spirit of Black unity on social issues is on the rise once again. While this spirit is welcomed by Blacks it has become a source of fear to those who have benefited from White supremacy and enjoy White privilege. This is evident when you listen to the words of conservative news hosts like Bill […]

Roland Martin moves to new morning time with an explicitly Black perspective

Noted journalist and TV news personality Roland Martin recently announced a change in time and format to his program “News One Now.” The program is the only daily news show that brings analysis of politics, entertainment, sports, and culture from an explicitly African American perspective. The new time will be 7 a.m. weekdays beginning on […]

Farrakhan speaks on Cecil the lion and the killers of Black men

[jwplatform TfL7ZYug] The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan appeared on Pastor Jamal Bryant’s cable TV show and spoke about Cecil the lion.  The video shows the disproportionate attention given to the killer of the lion in relation to the killers of Black men.

The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan: ‘I don’t get debate over Confederate flag’

Whenever there is a crisis in Black America, the mainstream media turns to Black talking heads such as Rev. Al Sharpton, Cornel West and others. But the one person conspicuously absent is the voice that speaks for millions of Black Americans in this country. That person is the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of […]