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5 lessons hip-hop can learn from Min. Louis Farrakhan 

Min. Louis Farrakhan has stated that mainstream media has silenced him from speaking the truth. Now at this critical juncture in the history of Blacks in America, he is reaching out once again to hip hop artists about their music.  Farrakhan recorded a special message to all his friends in the rap community as the date looms for the 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March.  This year’s theme is “Justice or Else.”

Min. Louis Farrakhan (youTube Screen shot)

Min. Louis Farrakhan (youTube screen shot)

Here are 5 quotes featuring lessons hip hop can learn from Farrakhan.

1) “I’ve noticed that if you come and sit with me and I give you good counsel and good advice, the next thing I know, my young brothers have  been arrested…Young Jeezy, Sean Puffy Combs, Rick Ross, 2 Chains, Young Thug all of a sudden they’ve done something wrong with the law. This demonstrates the fear of the enemy who has covered me up for 20 years not…allowing me to speak to our young people. They shudder with fear because now the voice of the Minister is reaching the young people…”

2) “If you know that when you take a picture of me, that it upsets them I know they are trying to put fear into you …’don’t associate with Farrakhan.'”

3) “This is a sign to you we’ve got to clean up our act. Be careful because the enemy is setting traps for you. Doing things that will anger you. So that if you react in a natural way to fight with those who fight with you, or to stand up against those who are doing evil to you, then this is a way now to arrest you. To charge you with some wicked crime, to put you into prison.”

4) “When you come to me, know that I Iove you and I want to see you and your life transformed.”

5) “When you leave me know that they are trying to find a way to hurt or to harm you. So go and wash as Jesus said and be clean. Clean up your life. Clean up your act. And let us come together as never before and let the enemy see that we are united for 10/10/15, the twentieth anniversary of the Million Man March.”



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  1. Helenofreims on October 20, 2015 at 6:30 pm

    Rapper, “Jim Jones” gotten awakening from magnificent Louis whom socialism only supreme choice
    of Blackness”. Mention disharmony “USA” many Blacks, have the answer learn your governmental policies. Fight to repeal the oppression ask Louis why getting CIA,M16 and FBI security and Mustapha was formerly “Chicago” police officer. You haven’t quelled the gang violence Chicago” why guilt once selling narcotics Elijah Muhammad denied this. Why Khalid Hamaas, Malcolom X and Chauncey Bailey where annihilated. Louis is reverted “Mahadi” never disclose this above “God” your mad seek help! Jousha business contacts banks in “The Ummah: owning unlimited shares corporations is income!