Snoop is about to get juiced

Snoop Dogg is set to launch his own gin brand. The 48-year-old rap star — who released his iconic single “Gin and Juice” back in 1994 — has entered the spirits market with INDOGGO Gin. He said: “I can’t wait for the world to taste my remix on gin! “When I wrote ‘Gin & Juice’ […]

Snoop Dogg reveals why he’s voting for 1st time ever this year

As Snoop Dogg inches steadily toward the half-century mark on this Earth, the G-Funk rap legend has vowed to vote for the first time in his life during the upcoming presidential election. That proclamation from The Doggfather pleases some while simultaneously inciting anger in others. For example, some have asked how can a man who […]

A Booze-Centric Playlist of Drinking Songs and Spirits

A number of cocktails have inspired many a rapper to include one or two lyrics about libations in their raps, in some cases they make an entire song out of them. You remember when Cristal champagne was the drink of choice for the hip-hop elite, but that all changed when Jay-Z boycotted the brand? Or […]

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