Will Packer reveals if he’ll boycott filming in Georgia over voting law (video)

Hollywood producer Will Packer has decided to continue filming his movie projects in Georgia despite the fact that many Hollywood production companies are boycotting the state after a restrictive voter law was signed into law by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua pulled their upcoming film Emancipation while Black Panther II director […]

Black executives demand Georgia companies respond to new voting restrictions

Dozens of Black business executives are lambasting the new restrictive voting legislation in Georgia and are admonishing Georgia’s major corporations for their deafening silence. Former American Express CEO Ken Chenault is one of the spokespersons for the 72 Black executives who are expressing their righteous indignation in a statement obtained by The Hill. “Corporations have […]

Tyler Perry demands federal investigation of new Georgia voting laws

Tyler Perry angrily calls for the U.S. Department of Justice to bring the full weight of his investigative arm down the state of Georgia after it passed draconian laws that greatly restricts the electorate’s ability to vote. The movie mogul decries the radical restrictions on local voters like limiting the number of ballot drop boxes, […]

Killer Mike visit with Georgia governor creates Twitter storm

Killer Mike has ignited a firestorm on social media after sitting down with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp at the state capital in Atlanta on Wednesday, Sept. 09, 2020. The rapper, 45, who was born Michael Santiago Render in Atlanta, informed the public that he met with Kemp, 56, to devise ways to vastly increase Black […]