Wendy Williams’ son has disowned his mother for the time being

Wendy Williams’ son has reportedly given his famous mother an ultimatum: either clean up and get drug free or he will not be a part of her life for the foreseeable future. According to the Daily Mail, Williams‘ son Kevin Hunter Jr., says that he can no longer stand by her side “unless she fixes […]

Wendy Williams takes son on a racy field trip

Wendy Williams recently delivered an unorthodox life lesson to her son. Williams took her son to a strip club and taught him how to “make it rain.” The 55-year-old TV star has revealed the unique way in which she set about teaching her 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her nephew a very unusual life […]

50 Cent irate that Wendy Williams crashed his party

Social media troll king, 50 Cent, made a big deal about how he was temporarily able to block daytime talk show host Wendy Williams from attending his party at the Tycool Pool Party in New Jersey. But Curtis Jackson, 44, did not anticipate that Williams, 54, would have connects with the New Jersey Police Department. […]

50 Cent kicks Wendy Williams out of his party (video)

50 Cent wants Wendy Williams to know that he has not forgiven her nor forgotten the things she has said about him over the years. When the daytime talk show queen, 54, tried to enter his party the other day, she was turned away by security while one of 50 Cent’s people recorded the episode, […]

Why Wendy Williams’ husband will be at son’s side when he appears in court

Wendy Williams’ soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Hunter has made it clear that he will appear in court with his namesake in order to continue the reconciliation process between the three. Hunter, 46, said he wants to show “a united front,” the Daily Mail reports, therefore will appear in the same courtroom with Wendy and Kevin Jr., […]

Wendy Williams reveals her son battled addiction

Yesterday, Wendy Williams made her return to daytime TV and got right back in the saddle with her popular Hot Topics segment. Usually during that time she’s telling her viewers about the salacious scandals involving the world’s biggest celebs, but yesterday Williams revealed some shocking news when she let her viewers know that her son, […]

Wendy Williams worried her son may not ‘turn out right’

Usually, the drama and trouble of other stars’ lives is what becomes the Hot Topics of Wendy Williams’ talk show. However, last week, Williams’ own life became the hottest of Hot Topics stories when she revealed with teary eyes that she felt her teenage son, Kevin Hunter Jr., no longer liked her. Since then, Kevin has assured […]